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Black Tie Gala at PS 15

Photo Credit: Juliet Kaye

PS 15Q in Springfield Gardens held their 1st Gala Black Tie Affair on Friday, March 9th to celebrate children and school parental and community involvement.  The school gymnasium was transformed with the use of table cloths and ribbon tied cloth chair covers.  Over 60 PS 15 students were in attendance, dressed in special occasion dresses and dark suits. Entertainment was provided by talent student dancers.

Awards were presented to Community Leaders.  The honorees included all the local elected leaders, Honorable Archie Spigner, Bill Briggs, Executive Director and Founder of Youth and Tennis, Officers Patt Kahan and Tasia Jordon of the 113th Precinct and Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Brewer. Students who showed the Most Improvement and Parent and Staff Leaders as well as Educational Leaders were honored.

Keynote Speaker Assemblyman William Scarborough talked about cut backs at all levels of government. The money that the state was ordered to pay NYC in 1996 as a result of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity Law Suit was supposed to run from 2008 – 2013, but because of the economic recession and budget shortfalls, was pushed up to 2011 – 2013. School budgets have been decreased while class size has grown. He urged parents to demand more from their legislators, so that as legislators we can demand more.

Scarborough also talked about the push by this administration for charter schools.  Charter schools will never educate more than 20% of our children.  We need to support and strengthen our public schools. We need to create smaller class sizes in public schools. He raised another point of dissension – forcing schools together in an existing school facility.  The administration, parents and children are adversarial to the schools that are there. The Dept. of Education needs to put together a better way of doing this.

Photo ID: At the PS 15Q 1st Gala Black Tie Affair, Principal Antonio K’Tori with PS 15 students and honorees (L-R) Honorable Archie Spigner, Councilmen Leroy Comrie and James Sanders and Keynote Speaker Assemblyman William Scarborough.

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