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5 Question Test to Buy the Perfect Jewelry Valentine’s Day Gift

Jinja_JewelryEvery woman loves receiving jewelry as a gift from her loved one which makes jewelry the perfect gift to give this Valentine’s Day. With so many options to choose from, any guy can get overwhelmed during shopping when trying to pick out that one special piece of jewelry. Jinja Jewelry wants to make your Valentine’s Day jewelry shopping easier this year by sharing a five question test to help you pick out the perfect jewelry gift. Just keep these five questions in mind while out shopping and you’re sure to find something spectacular to please the woman you love.

Question 1: What type of jewelry does she wear the most? You’ll have to pay attention to the kind of jewelry she wears most often and on a daily basis to figure out her preference. Does she wear small stud earrings, hoops or drop earrings? Is she never seen without a necklace on? Does she wear rings or bracelets?

Question 2: What type of metal does she wear most? This will indicate if she has a preference for silver, gold, platinum, etc. Also notice whether she wears diamonds, prefers a particular gemstone or maybe even no stone.

Question 3: What do you want the gift to say? Your Valentine’s Day gift may be for a new sweetheart or for the love of your life and different types of jewelry say different things. If you’re in a new relationship and want to say, “I like you a lot,” choose earrings or a bracelet. If you’re in the “I love you but not yet married” stage, go for a necklace and matching earrings or necklace and matching bracelet set. Ready to say, “I love you and want to get married”? Choose a diamond ring! Match it with diamond studs if you want to go over the top. Finally, if you want your gift to say, “I love you my best friend/soul mate and wife,” you can choose any of the above choices and she will love it!

Question 4: Has she dropped any hints? Check her profile to see if she’s shared jewelry she likes on Facebook. Think back to if she’s mentioned a jewelry piece she likes on a TV commercial or pointed out something in a catalog. Take these hints into consideration when choosing a piece of jewelry and you can even buy the particular piece she wants.

Question 5: What’s her everyday style? Does she dress more conservatively or is she not afraid to wear the latest fashion trends? Maybe she goes for a vintage look or a more sophisticated look. If she likes to dress on the edgy side, you can have fun picking out a funky and colorful piece of jewelry. Otherwise stick to something simple, like a gold necklace with a small pendant for a more classic look that goes with everything.

“Jinja Jewelry has a wide range of handmade, stunning jewelry to choose from including our beautiful, eye-catching twist bracelets to our elegant silver pieces and more. There are so many options when buying jewelry, but following the above 5 question test, you can be sure to get a piece she will love,” says Elaine Helmig, co-founder of Jinja Jewelry.

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