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Celebrating 25 Years of New York Trend: On The Battlefield

TTW-headshot-colorHow many times in your life have you had a fleeting thought? How numerous the occasions when you were at your desk at work and thought about how you could run this company? Have you ever daydreamed of a new position, an adventure, a risk that might seem so far out of reach and so absurd that you quickly shut your daydream down and took a reality check?

Well, I remember thinking all of the above one day many, many years ago. I worked for a company that was not my own and I wanted to be the owner. I managed a staff for someone else, but I wished they really worked for me. I heard a story that touched me so deeply, that it fed my thirst and pushed me to take a risk to do something that was atypical for the person I was. I took a reality check, but the fire was burning inside of me to go for it and so I did.

Anyone who owns a small business knows that  being  an entrepreneur requires you to work tirelessly, be singularly focused, self-motivated, efficacious, self-sacrificing and able to do as many jobs as you can possibly learn in order to be self –sufficient. It is a thankless task we endure to be able to say that, “the buck stops here.” And no one knows, neither do few others care, how we get the job done, just that we get the job done. We write the checks to pay bills and to meet payrolls from our personal back accounts when receivables take forever and a day to come in to cover our costs. Whether a start-up or a seasoned business owner of 25 years, somehow the same dynamics always seem to stay in play. The “to do” list of an entrepreneur is repetitive. The list is always filled with too many things to accomplish in one day. We must hit the ground running and keep the business going through good times and bad…and embrace the motto of the U.S. Postal Service. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail shall stop….me from getting to my office to open the doors to let my employees in or get to the mailbox to pick up a check!


“We are like soldiers who never leave the battlefield. Entrepreneurs have a look in their eyes…

I continue to be motivated by the fire that still burns in my belly….”

Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams

Owner & Publisher, New York Trend



We are like soldiers who never leave the battlefield. Entrepreneurs have a look in their eyes through which you can see the gleam of achievement, accomplishment, success and also the sadness of hard times, pain, fear, anxiety and sometimes failure.  But in the eyes of those who have the determination to make their individual mark on this world is the look of hope that tomorrow will be a better day. And this is not only true of entrepreneurs to embrace this belief, but for anyone who has the fire in their belly to win, excel and achieve. They hold true to the belief that hope rings eternal.

As a mature business owner, I have recently had the opportunity to speak with beginners, young people who are feeling the fire in their bellies to do more, achieve more, want more than the average person.

It is such a rewarding experience for me to be able to talk to them about their goals and also offer them some advice. Just this past week, I met a young man who listened to me for over 40 minutes lecture, advise, warn and encourage him in the path he has chosen for a career. At the end of our conversation I apologized to him if I had in any way implied that he did not have the tools to accomplish his goal or if he was offended by my honesty. My apology was met with laughter and a huge smile on his face as he opened his arms and hugged me. He said, “I will always remember that you took time out of your day to speak to me and you will be forever on my list of those who helped me become a success.”

In turn, I thanked him for giving me the opportunity to listen to my heart and continue to be motivated by the fire that still burns in my belly, and to get excited all over again about owning my business. I stand proud and tall that I have been able to bring information, encouragement, support, and to motivate, sometimes anger my readers. It has been an amazing 25 years of activism as the owner of New York Trend  and I thank every writer, photographer, graphic designer, publicist, advertiser and reader that has contributed to New York Trend over these past  25 years…. and still counting!

-Dr. Teresa K. Taylor Williams,

Owner & Publisher, New York Trend &

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