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Ell Cosme: Cabo Verde’s Cosmic Sultry Singer

Ell Cosme sizedBy Jaleesa Brown

While we all know Cabo Verde is known for its exceptionally beautiful people, the amount of talent there does not fall short either!

Hailing from São Nicolau, just one of Cabo Verde’s beautiful islands, Ell Cosme (pronounced Ell Coz-me) is a sultry singer with one mission in mind, to share his music with the world, and just have people feel great.

No stranger to music, Ell Cosme has indulged in the art since his teenage years. With two singles currently out, and one on its way, Cosme doesn’t just sing from his head, he sings from his heart, with each song based on personal experiences. One of his singles, “Koza Sab” (featuring Matchu), describes love at first. Crossing paths with someone and having that special connection, and not being able to let go of someone you have that experience that with. While we all get our inspirations from somewhere, some of Ell Cosme’s musical influences include fellow Cabo Verdean Nelson Freitas, and American artists like usher, who the singer is a huge fan of, the late great Michael Jackson, and one of the greatest rappers in hip hop, 2Pac.

Ell Cosme’s up-and-coming album is currently in the works. With an expected release date later on this year, the album will include many more feel-good love songs and collaborations. His next single, “Amor Na Club” (Love In The Club), will be hitting airways soon.

When asked what kind of genre would he consider his music, Ell Cosme replied: “a mix between R&B and Zouck.”  For those of us less familiar with Zouck, it is one of the most famous types of music in Cabo Verde, a French, funk music that makes people want to dance. “Cabo Verdeans can not resist Zouck music! They have to dance!” says Ell Cosme, with excitement in his voice.

“Music is life to me, it’s part of me. Every single day I wake up, every minute, every second, I listening to music.”–Ell Cosme

While the singer may sing about love, he also knows how to throw a punch or two, as he described his years of boxing. While music is his first passion, this multi-talented singer is also business-minded, with dreams of owning his own music company one day. Music means something special to each and everyone of us, I mean what would life be without music, right? When I asked Ell Cosme what does music mean to him? He stated that, “music is life to me, it’s part of me. Every single day I wake up, every minute, every second, I listening to music.”

If this isn’t an artist passionate about his craft, I have no idea who is. We look forward to you continuing to selflessly share your art, your life, your music with us Ell Cosme!

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