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Oh Lamar!

lamarAt age 34, Lamar Odom has ran the gamut – from shooting hoops from coast to coast, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, as well as withstanding the heat of his drug use. Lamar Odom  has been constantly under the spotlight not only for his continuing career on the courts but off the courts as well.

Signed with the Knicks on April 19, 2014 Queens’s native, Lamar Odom has been one of the most talked about on the celebrity front versus the sports front. There has been many comment releases from Lamar Odom‘s infamous ex- wife Khloe Kardashian. For anyone who has been following the Khloe and Lamar storyline over the past few months it is evident that Khloe has moved on. After filing divorce papers on December 13, 2013, Instagram photos revealed that Khloe has started dating rapper French Montana. Though there are rumors surfacing about Lamar Odom dating and playing the love field however, the situation got sticky when news released that Lamar still hasn’t signed the divorce papers. Six months later and the divorce have not been finalized. Is Lamar still holding on?

An insider told Life & Style Magazine, “Lamar wants Khloe back. He does not want the end the marriage, and that’s why he won’t sign the divorce papers.  He just won’t let her go. He is sober and back on track now – he thinks he can get her back”.

However, Khloe seems pretty happy in her new relationship. To add fuel to the fire, statements came out a few weeks ago that Khloe is urging her brother Rob to stay away from Lamar. The two had become pretty close since the marriage, and had not stopped hanging out from the divorce. She understands that Rob is seeking male companionship however she, urges rob to seek companionship through Bruce Jenner instead of Lamar.  A source told , “She was not threatening Rob or anything like that, but she made it clear that she does not approve of him being in constant contact with Lamar because she thinks he can be toxic and clingy”.

At this point it, the future is not looking too bright for Lamar in terms of reviving his marriage. Hopefully, despite all of emotion hardships he is going through he can still pull himself together to bring his best to the Knicks this upcoming season.

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