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Successful “Build-A-Backpack” Back-to-School Drive Held In Uniondale

Back2SchoolDriveOn September 7, 2014, The Dollicia F. Holloway Memorial Foundation, Inc’s youth initiative, The H.I.P. H.O.P. Movement Youth Program, hosted their first “Build-A-Backpack” Back to School Drive at Smith Street Park in Uniondale.

The Project Leaders, Keith & Altanya Burgess, wanted to provide children with much needed back to school supplies who may not have been as fortunate to receive from local school supply stores. Mr. Burgess stated, “It was joy to serve our community in this capacity. I was always fortunate as a child to receive a book bag, along with a variety of school supplies every year. I removed myself from “being fortunate” out of the way and my wife and I wanted to do something selfless to impact the community where we were raised.”

Mrs. Burgess stated, “The smiles on the faces of the parents, as well as the children, were worth more than a thousand words. We are truly grateful to be in a position to give back to our community.”

The backpacks were graciously donated by HealthFirst, out of Hempstead, New York, along with Target, who were generous enough to donate a variety of school supplies, such as pencils, folders, crayons and spiral notebooks, which were personally donated by event supporter, Mrs. Sharon Leid. Each child received a custom lanyard, which read “The H.I.P. H.O.P. Movement”

Mr. Sheldon Henderson, an Insurance Agent from National Income Life Insurance Company out of Flushing, New York, provided services and information to parents regarding child safety. Each parent that signed up during the back to school program had an opportunity to take advantage of the Child Safety Kit, which offered helpful tips on registering their child’s information with their local Police Department.

Mr. Henderson stated, “When a child is abducted, it takes exactly 24 hours for a child’s information to be retrieved. Having a Child Safety Kit will help save a child’s life in the midst of an abduction.”

The “Build-A-Backpack” Back to School Drive was fortunate enough to serve 27 children with Backpacks. Other information provided in all of the backpacks were an affordable dental discount flyer, courtesy of Ameriplan. One parent, who shared information about the “Build-A-Backpack” Back to School Drive with their community, stated, “There were so many people who were so grateful for this event!” Another parent, who just came to Smith Street Park to play with her children, stated, “It was truly a blessing how I just wanted to take my children to the park and God allowed me to walk away with more than I could have imagine for my children.”

Mr. Burgess echoed the mission statement of their youth initiative, “Helping Individuals Prosper and Honoring Others Potential is H.I.P. H.O.P.

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