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Blogger Backs Out of Anti-Islam Ad

It seems as though Pamela Geller – the blogger and leader of the American Freedom Defense Initiative who invested $100,000 in an anti-Muslim ad campaign – may have a heart.

Geller has gained infamy over the past couple of days after news broke that, due to the MTA’s obligation to respect Geller’s First Amendment rights, her “Islamorealist” ad campaign would be allowed to run on six buses on 100 subways stations starting Sept. 29. Geller, however, pulled one particular ad the morning that it was expected to run.

According to the Daily News, Geller pulled the ad that depicted James Foley and his executioner. The move was made after the slain journalist’s family referred to the ad campaign as being slanderous to Muslims who are not associated with extremist groups.

Geller sent a statement apologizing to the family, saying that as “a mother, and one who still feels the pain of the hideous murders of many in her extended family by the Nazis, and with friends in Israel brutally affected by Islamic terrorism as a constant of daily life, [she] understands and feels intimately the pain [the Foleys] are suffering.” The statement made it clear that this was the only reason that the ad was pulled.

The ad that Geller has pulled from her campaign. Via

The ad that Geller has pulled from her campaign. Via

Due to the last-minute nature of the apology, it is possible that the ad may have already been posted in some locations before transit authorities were notified that Geller dismissed the ad.

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