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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: The Holy Grail of Beauty Products

Coconut oil. Via Flickr.

Coconut oil. Via Flickr.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, beauty products must be family. With all of the different types of products available, however, it’s easy for your product purchasing to turn into hoarding. Wouldn’t it be great to have one, multi-use product – especially one that was all natural?

Look no further than extra virgin coconut oil. Made from the meat of coconuts, it makes for a useful, organic addition to your beauty product collection. Above all, it’s inexpensive and easy to find.

Here are five ways that you can add extra virgin coconut oil to your skin, makeup and hair routines. Try them for yourself and your beauty product collection is sure to look a whole lot smaller!

1. Body moisturizer.

Now that temperatures are dropping, your skin will need some moisture. Replacing your body lotion with extra virgin coconut oil will keep your skin soft and dewy, even in the colder months. Even though sandal season is long gone, continue to give your heels some love by slathering on coconut oil before bed. Trap in the moisture by sleeping with socks (fuzzy ones for extra comfort).

2. Nail health.

Long, strong nails can be difficult to come by. Regularly massaging your nails with coconut oil will not only ensure the health of your nails, but moisturize your cuticles as well. Keep up the routine and you’ll be sure to say goodbye to acrylic nails forever.

3. Makeup remover.

Makeup removers can be thick and greasy, clogging your pores and doing far more harm than help. Coconut oil’s existing beauty benefits make it the perfect makeup removal method. And don’t worry – it’s perfectly safe for use on the eyes.

4. Cheekbone highlighter.

Not only can coconut oil replace your makeup remover, but it can replace some of your makeup! Dab a bit of coconut oil on your cheekbones on top of your makeup as a highlight, adding a subtle glow to your “beat face.“

5. Conditioner.

Extra virgin coconut oil can do absolute wonders for your hair. For curly or coarse hair that gets dry easily, use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. After just a couple of uses, you will see and feel the added moisture, extra shine and incredible softness. All hair types can benefit from deep conditioning with coconut oil; just add a liberal amount of the oil to your favorite conditioner or deep conditioner and wash out after at least 10 minutes. Using a heating cap – or simply putting on a plastic conditioning cap and wrapping your head with a towel – while allowing the conditioner to work its magic will leave you with results that you’ve got to try to believe.

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