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Mike Epps Talks About His New Role As Richard Pryor on “Larry King Now” [VIDEO]

mikeepps.larrykingMike Epps sits down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” for an in-depth interview where the actor and comedian tackles everything from Ferguson, “deflatgate,” the Super Bowl, Justin Bieber and his new role as Richard Pryor in Lee Daniels’ new biopic.


In a candid conversation with Larry King, comedian Mike Epps opened up about being racially profiled in his past and gave his take on the recent racial tensions in New York and Ferguson and why Obama’s presidency may have made things worse. “As a black race, we’ve come so far, but haven’t went nowhere, you know, in a lot of different ways.” He then added, “It’s always been tough, being an African American in America, you know. As a comic, as a wealthy black person, as a poor person- all the way around the board. You’re constantly reminded that you’re black and you are different.” (clip below)

The “That’s Racist” host shared with Larry what he made of the Superbowl and why he thinks there might have been a conspiracy against Marshawn Lynch. “They didn’t want Lynch to get the NVP, they wanted Russell Wilson to get it. So you lost the ring. You took a chance. I believe that they didn’t give it to Marshawn Lynch because he wouldn’t cooperate in the media and there’s too much hype around him and I guess whatever he represent, which is the hood, you know…Somebody called that play. I think the coach might got paid to do that. (clip below)

And Lastly, American stand-up comedian, actor and producer Mike Epps told Larry King that he is honored, ecstatic and scared to play the role of legendary comedian Richard Pryor–someone who Epps says inspired him to take up comedy. “I feel well connected to him and I’m gonna trust and hope that he’s gonna be with me in spirit as I represent him.” Mike Epps dished on Richard Pryor’s impact, “I think Richard Pryor was a- he was kind of like a- he was definitely the bridge and the liaison culturally for black people. He is hip-hop…You know, because that’s what hip-hop is, it’s a rebellious form of music, and that’s what Richard Pryor was. I mean, if you think about it, Richard Pryor was talking about what’s happening right now with racism and police brutality.” The film will also co-star Oprah Winfrey. (clip below)

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