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“Vitality”: The Cool Jazz Experience

JamelJohnson-cdcoverVitality as described by Webster’s dictionary is a state infused with “aliveness” –  that which distinguishes the difference between blandness and vibrancy. Jamel Johnson  must have felt that vital energy stirring  his soul when he composed  his latest CD “ Vitality

Jamel  is primarily a church musician/composer who as a boy was inspired and  influenced by his organ-playing father’s musical talents. This gracious  son’s reverential gesture was to   lovingly dedicate his CD to  Dad because  he was that  motivational force who bought him his first set of drums and Casio  keyboards; the visionary who nurtured his son’s  talent by  allowing him to play the organ every other Sunday in church. One can well imagine  Mr. Johnson Snr’s. pride when he listens to this remarkable production by his protégé.

            Jamel has  compiled an album of feel-good-easy-to-listen jazz, a collection  so uncomplicated and smooth that is undeniably an emerging artist’s  proclamation that jazz  enthusiasts  just cannot  ignore. There are 14 selections on Vitality, all mixed and overlaid with  live drums and guitar riffs as the music flows with beautiful rhythmic lines that soothes  the ear.  The tempo variance on tunes like “Gimme 5” and “Chase me” are so smoothly subtle that the listener is  unaware of transitions to even more laid back grooves like “Cloudy Skies”  and “Grooving on 95” .The lyrics for  We Appreciate You are  uplifting  and vocalized  pleasantly, a testament to the positivity  that Mr. Johnson succeeds in conveying. The music truly comes together.

Since all the music on this album is written by Jamel Johnson, it is obvious that  he’s intuitive and sophisticated in the  smooth and soothing jazz style.  “Vitality” delivers the goods if easy listening is your pleasure.

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