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New Data: NY-NJ Airports are the Most Delayed So Far in 2015

AirplaneNew data released today by the Global Gateway Alliance showed that heavy flight traffic is the leading cause of arrival delays at Newark, JFK and LaGuardia airports, which rank 24th, 28th and 29th out 29, respectively, as the most delayed in the country so far in 2015. The report analyzed the number of flights arriving delayed at the major New York-New Jersey airports from 2012 to April 2015, by cause and frequency.


The National Aviation System (NAS), or the airspace, is responsible for 47 percent of all delayed arrivals since 2012, or 120,000 flights.  This type of delay speaks to two problems; the heavy traffic in our skies and the inability of our air traffic control technology to handle it.


The report also looks at the role weather plays in causing delays, finding that semi-regular weather patterns, like rain and fog, are responsible for almost ten times the number of delays as extreme weather, such as blizzards.  These milder weather patterns should not inhibit regular flight paths and yet have contributed to one third of all delayed arrivals so far this year.


Further, chronic delays at our airports are nothing new, with an average of 75,000 arrival delays every year since 2012 and Newark ranking last for on-time arrival performance in the nation, three out of the last four years.


“Time spent stuck in the air or on the runway is time that could be spent in our great city and region, and every minute wasted is a dollar lost.  When passengers have better navigational technology on their phones than most pilots do on their planes, the result is chronic delays from weather and congestion in the skies,” said Global Gateway Alliance Chairman and Founder Joe Sitt.  “For the good of passengers, our airports and the future of our region, the FAA must step up and fully roll out NextGen where it’s needed most; the New York airspace, and bring our airports into the 21st century.”


In order to alleviate congestion and reduce delays, GGA is calling for the following:

  • Complete roll out of NextGen at NY-NJ Airports
  • Accelerate expansion of the physical infrastructure at the airports, including terminals, runways and gates
  • Consider an independent Air Traffic Control Office to manage the airspace and NextGen implementation
  • Establish a special council of experts to monitor delays at NY airports
  • Reform the slot rules to increase capacity and accountability at NY-NJ airports


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