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NYC Failing Schools Crisis Leaves 200,000 Black & Hispanic Students Unable to Read & Do Math at Grade Level

Chemistry Teacher with Students in ClassA Families for Excellent Schools’ analysis of 2015 Grade 3-8 statewide assessments in ELA and Math adds urgency to a widening achievement gap between white students and students of color in New York City, finding that failed schools left over 200,000 black and Hispanic students without the education needed to pass state exams in both Math and English.

At nearly 300 failed schools in New York City, more than 90% of students were unable to read or do math at grade level in 2015 — and those schools enroll a disproportionate number of low-income students of color.
For the English Language Arts exam, 213,170 black and Hispanic students in New York City schools failed to master grade level English standards. For the Math exam, 206,216 black and Hispanic students in New York City schools were unable to meet grade level standards. Both of these figures surpass the size of the entire school districts in major cities across the country, like Philadelphia and Dallas.

“Mayor de Blasio is presiding over a failing schools crisis that is abandoning black and Hispanic students, denying them the skills they need to succeed,” said Jeremiah Kittredge, Executive Director of Families for Excellent Schools. “If he cares about fixing the injustice behind his Tale of Two School Systems, he should stop denying families school choice and support our best schools.”

“My child is one of the 200,000 black and Hispanic children in New York City whose schools are denying them the skills they need to succeed,” said Kim Booker, a parent of a student in a Harlem district school. “Mayor de Blasio needs to begin taking the crisis of educational inequality seriously.”

Families for Excellent Schools harnesses the power of families to advance policy and political changes that create and sustain excellent schools.

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