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Ruby Dee’s Daughter Quotes Her Legendary Mom in New Collection of Greeting Cards

rubydee&daughterCrumb Navigation presents the Ruby Dee Boxed Card Set from the Ruby Dee Crumb Drop Collection. Crumb Navigation is a series of saygreetings founded by Ruby Dee’s daughter, Hasna Muhammad. These unique cards are simple, yet elegant, making them perfect for all occasions. The Ruby Dee Collection drops crumbs of Ruby Dee’s perspectives on love, hope, and aging. The Ruby Dee Box Set beautifully captures Ruby Dee’s wisdom, humor, and grace and compliments any occasion. The cards are perfect for Valentine’s day, a birthday, or any day.
  For only $30, you’ll receive the Ruby Dee Boxed Card Set,
which contains 5 cards of each crumb and 16 envelopes. 
The cards are blank inside for your own personalization. 


Crumb #60: You know you’re getting old when ordinary things seem like miracles. – Ruby Dee
Crumb #66: Love is when you understand the logic of forgiveness. – Ruby Dee
Crumb #71: Those who know enough about the past know enough to hope.  – Ruby Dee
A limited edition of ceramic mugs of each crumb is also available for only $10 each. For $38.00, receive the Ruby Dee Boxed Card Set and a mug. 
To purchase a Ruby Dee Boxed Card Set and to follow the crumbs, visit

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