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Movie Review: Deadpool

The madness finally comes to the big screen with Deadpool. Image used from

The madness finally comes to the big screen with Deadpool. Image used from

For the past decade a film adaptation of the popular Marvel character Deadpool has been languishing in development hell. Numerous factors have kept it from being made mostly the character’s use of over the top violence and language. However, after some footage was “leaked” studio Twentieth Century Fox decided to throw caution to the wind and gamble on the Merc with a Mouth. Will the risk pay off or will it fail?

The story for Deadpool is one that could have taken the low, easy road. It could have been a low brow comedy filled with cruel violence and non stop vulgarities. Thankfully those who made Deadpool knew exactly what they were doing and surprisingly crafted one of the finest super hero movies yet. The story follows Wade Wilson, a man who admits to doing rotten things for monetary gain that is until he finds the love of a beautiful woman. Things are going wonderfully until Wilson finds out he has advanced cancer. All seems lost until he joins an experimental program that promises to turn him into a superhero only to find he has been deceived. Now deformed and mentally unstable Wilson, now called Deadpool, is on a maniacal quest for vengeance against those who wronged him. That story in itself is quite good as it establishes and beings to develop out main character perfectly in such a short amount of time. The film even manages to keep a nice, fluid pace by interjecting the events that led to Wilson becoming Deadpool every so often into the current story during the first act. But again the film could have kept it simple and safe yet still aims higher as it progresses. What sets Deadpool apart from other films of it’s ilk, besides the violence and language, is it’s humor. The humor of Deadpool is effective despite relying on crude humor and fourth wall breaking jokes. Even at it’s lowest Deadpool’s humor still manages to be in good taste and was able to get me to chuckle and even laugh heartily. But there’s more to it then just that, the film manages to blend the humor with Wilson’s own tragedies perfectly and instead of a flat out comedy it adds elements of drama as Wilson clearly struggles with his insanity and his appearance and sense of isolation. It is such a complex yet well crafted story that elicited both laughter and sympathy from me and I applaud the filmmakers for going above and beyond with it.

The characters for Deadpool are very good

Wade Wilson is many things. He’s a funny yet tragic character who is very sympathetic from the start. He’s also a different kind of superhero, in fact he really isn’t one. He goes out of his way to establish that he’s mostly in it for himself be it for money or self gratification. He’s violent and willing to kill and manipulate just about anyone. He’s a breath of fresh air in a market that’s filled with heroes who have morals and use their gifts for the greater good. Another thing I love about this character is his relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa. Normally I groan whenever there’s a relationship in a film such as this as it’s thrown in just for the hell it and thus is bland and unnecessary. But in Deadpool Wilson’s relationship with Vanessa is well developed and even sweet and endearing. It doesn’t fall into the norm, it isn’t status quo, it is a legitimately good love story mixed in wonderfully into the humor and violence of this film.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (yes that is her name) are allies of Deadpool and are both quite likable and work great as comedic foils. Colossus is more of that true blue, goody two shoes hero type and as such is an excellent juxtaposition to Deadpool as he constantly tries to get Deadpool onto the path of a hero only fail miserably each and every time. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a cliched stereotypical teenager which is why she works so well. She’s sarcastic and rude towards Deadpool and as such is more of a comedic and intellectual adversary for him.

Ajax is our villain for the film and sadly I found him to be only typical. Typical villainous schemes, typical villainous attitude, he isn’t a bad villain but there’s not much to him to make him stand out. The only thing I could think of is the humor that ensues from his frustrations with Deadpool’s warped sense of humor.

The acting for Deadpool is very well done

Ryan Reynolds does a fantastic job as Deadpool. He manages to be incredibly energetic in every line of dialogue, movement and gesticulation and as such embodies the character perfectly by hitting all of his comedic cues. He even manages to do very well in the more tragic moments of his character and in the end manages to give one of the best performances of his career.


Ed Skrein does well as Ajax. Though typical Skrein manages to be intimidating and cold and throughout the film works very well off of Reynolds and vice versa.


Gina Carano plays Angel Dust, the main henchman for Ajax, and unfortunately is given nothing to do. For the most part she just stands around looking angry and it is very disappointing as she is a very good actress. Not only that but her fight scenes are pretty bland, being only allowed to throw punches rather then be the magnificent martial artists that she is.


Leslie Uggams plays Blind Al, Deadpool’s roommate. Though her appearnces are brief Uggams still manages to give a very memorable and all around hilarious performance.


The special effects for Deadpool are well made


The effects for Deadpool rely heavily on CGI and a lot of it. Cheap CGI to boot. Is this a bad thing? No, considering what little budget this film was allowed to have the filmmakers actually do a fine job with what they had. The CG is a necessity for the most part and used only when it was truly needed and though obvious in so many places for what it was worth it still looked nice and fit in with the style and tone of the film.


Lastly the action scenes for Deadpool were a surprising disappointment for me. The action was the main draw for me as, from what I saw, it was completely stylized and I adore stylized action. The thing is every single action scene shown in the trailer was actually every single action scene. The action was spoiled for me beforehand so I knew what was coming not to mention at times the camera and editing could be shaky and quick. This isn’t to say that the action was bad, it was still entertaining with some pretty cool fight choreography and impressive moments and in this case I can forgive the cinematography and editing because this is the debut for director Tim Miller. The issue is that they were spoiled too far in advance so there were o surprises.


Final Thoughts: Deadpool is definitely one of the finest action films I have ever seen. The action may not have been as up too par as I would have wanted it but some of the best action films don’t need to rely solely on action to be great. The story is well crafted and goes above and beyond what it should have been, the characters are likable, the acting is good and the humor is constantly funny. It won’t be for everyone, the often times crude humor especially, but overall I had a lot of fun with Deadpool and I can safely say this is one risk that paid off in full.


Verdict: 4.5/5

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