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Nassau County Democratic Minority Legislators Announce their Opposition to County Executive Ed Managno’s ‘Taxing Fee Hikes’

money2.Just hours before the Nassau County Legislature is to hold their first of a series of hearings regarding County Executive Ed Mangano’s 2017 proposed budget that cites $83 million dollars in fee increases, Nassau Democratic Legislators announce their strong opposition to them and file bill that would hope to protect taxpayers from Ed Mangano’s annual ‘taxing fee hikes’ that in 2017 can be equivalent to a 9.4% take increase.

“Nassau families are overburdened due to already enormous tax bills and the high cost of living – now because of Ed Mangano’s annual steep fee hikes, they are being cost out of using the parks and services they already pay high taxes to pay for”, said a frustrated Democratic Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams.

County Executive Mangano’s proposed 2017 budget filed two weeks ago includes some of the worst fee increases in years. The skyrocketing fee increases that make up $83 million dollars of the overall $88 million dollars of revenue cited by the Mangano administration in their 2017 proposed budget include staggering increases to public safety fees tacked onto red light and other traffic violation tickets as well as park and recreation usage fees and many fee increases that hike license and registration costs to a degree that could leave local small business owners having to close shop.

“Enough is enough! Nassau families can no longer afford County Executive’s unfair and irresponsible fee hikes.” said Legislator Kevan Abrahams. “Each year Ed Mangano presents a disingenuous budget message to the people of Nassau citing no tax increases; but our wallet doesn’t lie, and we all have less money in them than we did the prior year and that’s because of Ed’s taxing fee hikes that are painfully impacting Nassau families and killing our small business owners.”

The $83 million dollars in fee increases that are equivalent to a 9.4% tax hike for Nassau families are exactly why the Nassau Democratic Legislative Caucus didn’t just announce their opposition today to ‘Ed’s taxing fee hikes’, they filed a bill to protect taxpayers from them and future fee hikes.

“Sadly Ed Mangano lost sight of his vision to not over tax our residents and now we must reign him in just like the Governor was forced to reign in municipalities who were balancing their budget on the backs of tax payers by implementing a 2% tax cap. Like the Governor’s tax cap, our fee cap bill, if passed, would not allow Ed Mangano to increase fees more than 2% bi-annually”, said Abrahams.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s a ‘time to take the keys’ moment because Ed Mangano is driving up costs of being a Nassau homeowner, resident and small business owner and we need to step in and protect taxpayers”, said Kevan Abrahams. “These fee hikes are outrageous and we have to step in and become the sheriff that protects taxpayers from a crippling increase that is equivalent to a 9.4% tax increase – that pierces the Governor’s tax cap by more than four times.”

“Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano once said in his March 15, 2010 State of the County Address that “Nassau County taxpayers have no more left to give.” It’s time Ed begins to remind himself of what he used to stand for; because Nassau taxpayers ‘have no more left to give’ when it comes to his fee hikes”, concluded Abrahams.

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