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Beauty Expert Agunes White Debuts Anti-Aging Product ‘Sexy Golddigger Serum’

The U.S. skin care market is expected to reach $10,717.4 million by 2018. So skin care expert and entrepreneur Agunes White, the founder and CEO of Agunes Skin Care, has decided on the perfect time to launch her latest product, Sexy Golddigger Serum™.

The name is more than provocative. “The name is, yes, powerful and sexy,'” confesses White, who says the serum backs ups its strong moniker. In fact, the Sexy Golddigger Serum is an anti-aging serum, which says White, is “a virtual botox without the Botox.” It contains ingredients that promises to give your skin a smooth, youthful look. Its natural plant abstracts work to that fight sun spots, combats uneven skin, and takes care of various other skin ailments.

“My formula is special. I have a very unique mix of ingredients that give instant change on the face and long-term effects. This is designed different,” explains White.
White is no stranger to the beauty business. She’s been in the beauty industry as hair loss specialist for more than 15 years. “I wanted to do more… giving first impressions boost. I wanted to work with damaged skin, scalps, and faces,” explains White as to why she decided to make her latest entrepreneurial move. “I was giving someone confident in hair but now face! Anti aging we all wanna look younger than their age.”

Based in Los Angles and of Armenian heritage, White has always been involved in the beauty business. She’s been involved in the aesthetics industry, focusing in hair loss and skin care. Agunes has a degree in English and is also a graduate of Mary Moore Beauty School. White started her own business, a hair restoration business, “Hair Links,” a boutique service where she designed hairpieces and hair extensions. “this was really fulfilling–being able to help people will hair loss. I was also able to use my creative,” recalls White.

Look for big things from Sexy Golddigger Serum, says White. “2017 is year I’m introducing Sexy Golddigger to Dubai.”

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