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Global Mixed Gender Basketball Team Cash Money Millionaires Looking For Players

James Scott, the CEO/founder of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball  League, has announced that Cash Money Records  co-founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams has acquired the League’s New Orleans Cash Money franchise.

The Cash Money Millionaires is looking for the best male and female  basketball players in New Orleans, ages 18 and up. to  vie for one of the 28 positions (14 men and 14 women players). The tryouts will take place on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at  the Joe W. Brown Memorial Park Main Gym, 5420 Franklin Ave., New Orleans, LA at 5 pm.

The Global Mixed Gender Basketball League has been the formation stages since 2013, and is becoming the heir apparent  in the basketball world as it combines the skills of exceptionally talented  coed players. Its  unique concept focuses on men and women  who officially play together on the same team is not only inspiring to younger generations of basketball fans but provides family-friendly entertainment that sparks and cultivates awareness and cooperative spirits.

CEO Scott  states, “Men and women are together at last with the formation of this league.  It should have been that way a long time ago, but we are pleased to bring a different type of game to the competitive sport of basketball.

“Global Mixed Gender Basketball is an innovative concept to the basketball industry, which not only features both men and women teammates but features male and female coaches, managers and staff.  Furthermore, the team is paid on equal levels: no more will a woman make less than a man for performing the same job. Camaraderie is found again through sport. Communities will come together to see an event, to connect with each other, to put down the phone and have real conversations and to enjoy and value good family fun,” Scott continues.

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