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Modrn Salt, the new luxury Himalayan salt room featuring halotherapy, will open within Modrn Sanctuary on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Owner and founder Alexandra Janelli, a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, brought in nearly 11,000 pounds of Himalayan salt to her acclaimed wellness center at 12 West 27th Street in Manhattan to create a special dry salt therapy room for halotherapy and unique classes.


Dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, has proven to enhance lung capacity, boost immune system, reduce stress and aid better sleep.  It is known to help cleanse and detox the lungs as well as invigorate the whole body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake.  In addition, salt therapy can help relieve a variety of respiratory conditions, such as asthma, allergies, common cold, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and more. It also helps address particular skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, recovering from cosmetic surgery, and more.


After visiting a salt cave with a friend who suffered from asthma Janelli saw the benefits and the beauty.  She realized that there was a lack of this type of healing therapy in New York City and that there were no salt rooms that offered an exclusive, tailored wellness experience. That is when she decided to create one of her own!


Today Modrn Salt, which encompasses 190-square foot space, houses nearly 11,000 tons of the finest Himalayan salt.  The walls are decorated with rough and smooth salt bricks and covering the floors, which are heated, are thousands of tiny grains of salt sand.   To add to the benefits, a Halogenerator heats and grinds pharmaceutical grade salt into  tiny micro-particles, which are then dispensed into the air. All of the salt used in Modrn Sanctuary’s new chamber was directly mined and imported from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges.


Hanging from the ceiling are Moroccan lanterns to add to the ambiance, lofting one’s eyes to the twilight ceiling that mimics a starry night.  Cocooned in Papasan nest chairs, surrounded by soothing color therapy (through red, white, blue, and green LED lights that illuminate the walls into different hues), clients may choose from a wide selection of entrainment processes.


During their time in Modrn Salt, clients may choose to add to their overall wellness and have the option to sooth their mind with meditations, guided hypnotherapy sessions, binaural beats, and sound therapies on our custom loaded iPad and headphones. They need only to lay back and allow their mind and body to connect.




  •      Seventy (70) 55lb bags of granulated floor salt (approximately 3,850 lbs.)
  •      2000 smooth cut (1x8x4 inch) wall tiles (approximately 5,000 lbs.)
  •      760 rough cut (1x8x4 inch) wall tiles (approximately 1,900 lbs.)

TOTAL weight approximately 10,750 lbs. of salt



  •      Rough and smooth cut Himalayan tiles on all four walls
  •      Heated Himalayan salt floors
  •      Halogenerator blowing fine particulates of salt into the air
  •      Fireplace feature



  •      Walls are backlight with LED lights that can change color that boost mood & act as therapy
  •      6 hanging Moroccan lanterns add ambiance
  •      3 large Papasan nest chairs allow for comfort for a luxury experience
  •      Crocodile wallpaper above feature fireplace
  •      Metal trellis work above fireplace
  •      Wooden beams, crocodile wallpaper over fireplace & metal trellis work add to decor



Modrn Salt will also be an event space where workshops, classes, and personal sessions will take place, including:

  •      Yoga
  •      Breath work
  •      Pilates
  •      Family constellation
  •      Sound baths
  •      Group hypnosis
  •      Meditation



$55 for 45-minute session

Packages available



Monday – Friday, 9 AM-8 PM

Saturday10 AM – 6 PM





Modrn Salt at Modrn Sanctuary

12 West 27th Street, 9th floor, New York, NY 10001

RESERVATIONS: 212-675-9355


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