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Things Every New Yorker Should Do: One World Observatory

Head to One World Observatory and you will find troves of tourists. In fact, it is one of NYC’s most popular sites. But New Yorkers don’t need to miss out on this dynamic destination.

One World Observatory is 1,200 feet from the Manhattan streets below, and it offers an incredible vista of New York City.  The One World Observatory is on top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, on levels 100, 101, and 102 of the 1,776 foot tall One World Trade Center building.

Get your tickets beforehand online to avoid the line outside. Once in you will see a facsimile of the building’s foundation and learn about its massive undertaking since 9/11. Next, you are whizzed into an elevator that zooms up 102 floors. During the fast, ear-popping ride images are projected on the wall that shows the NYC skyline throughout the decades through 500 years. The images do take your mind off the somewhat scary ride. Actually, this elevator ride is considered the fastest in the West. At its fastest, it is 23 miles an hour. The entire ride is a mere 47 seconds.

Coming out of the elevator, you are lined up in front of a massive floor-to-ceiling window.  Here, images are projected to tell the different street scenes of contemporary New York City. Then finally–the reveal. The covering opens to reveal a spectacular view of the city. It’s a quick glance because it’s just a teaser. Now, we can go into the next area for a more up-close view. In fact, it’s a 360-view if you walk around. You literally can see all of the city and even beyond. The Observatory offers (for rent0 tablets that identify the various buildings. After your picture taking and admiring the city, you can also dine at one of the various restaurants in the Observatory.

Now, for the ride down. And it’s a dizzying descent. Images are spinning around and around in circles, so fast you can not really make them out. Your head will definitely spin.

Once outside it will be hard to resist looking up at the massive structure and being in awe that you were just at the top. Wow!

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