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Bed Aerobics Fitness May Help Patients with Cardiovascular and Chronic Diseases

Mind-body corrective exercise specialist Monifa Maat (CPT), will be signing copies of her book, Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow® 18 Mind-Body Exercise Steps for Strength, Flexibility & Balance at Sisters Uptown Bookstore, 1942 Amsterdam Avenue at 156th Street in Harlem on September 27th, between 6pm – 8pm.

Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow® (“BAFF”) is a mind-body, therapeutic bed exercise system to prevent and manage the onset of joint pain, anxiety and sedentarism resulting from health related problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and other chronic diseases. The aim of BAFF is to provide an alternative to individuals who are sedentary, or on bed rest as prescribed by their doctor and even healthy individuals looking for variety and more effective results from their workouts. BAFF is a simple, convenient and affordable way to progressively increase cardiovascular health as it strengthens and stretches the body for better mobility and overall quality of life.

BAFF combines a series of 18 exercise steps which flow seamlessly from one to the other. Each step is combined with a unique motivational affirmation called a “Pillow Quote”, that while rooted in biblical scripture is applicable to all faiths. Pillow Quotes are intended to reinforce how one’s thoughts and spiritual connectedness may have a direct affect upon the state of one’s physical and emotional well-being.

“Deep in my core, miracles are in store…” (Twister, Step #3)

According to the Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center, “inactivity and prolonged bed rest are unnatural states of the human body”. One of the best advantages of BAFF is the convenience and practicality of engaging in a healthful, hassle-free workout routine that requires no special equipment and helps you move better, sleep better and feel better, before even getting out of bed. BAFF can be practiced safely alone or with the assistance of a healthcare professional such as a physical, occupational or exercise therapist with a doctor’s approval.

This coming Fall, Monifa Maat teams up with Ghanaian born two-time body building champion Martin Luther King Addo, founder of Southbridge Fitness Center located in lower Manhattan, New York City (and home to Southbridge Towers, a residential building catering to a large senior population) to offer Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow as a one hour, 8 session course catering to seniors, health care professionals and busy professionals in need of wellness solutions for joint pain or limited mobility.

Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow: 18 Mind-Body Exercise Steps for Strength, Flexibility & Balance is currently available in full color, over 100 photos and images (Book $29.95, Book with DVD $39.99, 3-CD Audio book $20.00). For individual copies or if you need information about bulk orders:

Monifa Maat (CPT, MPA) is a Certified Personal Trainer, Mind-Body Exercise Specialist and Community Health Advocate. Ms. Maat holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration; and after a series of career and personal transitions, Ms. Maat had an epiphany – the outgrowth of which she developed the concept of Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow, on which she elaborates in her book. Maat’s Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow® has been endorsed by a number of respected health experts including Dr. Jeffrey Chow, Director of Physical Therapy of Harlem.

For more information about Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow: 18 Mind-Body Exercise Steps for Strength, Flexibility & Balance please visit

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