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Things Every New Yorker Should Do: High Tea At The Russian Tea Room

Tea time. It sounds so refined. And high tea at the Russian Tea Room sounds classic.

So I thought why not celebrate my niece’s Sweet Sixteen by taking Afternoon Tea at the Russian Tea Room. Walking in you will notice the grandiose decor–reds and golds fill the dining room.

For more than eight decades, New Yorkers have come here. Founded by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927, the rich, the famous and the in-between have all enjoyed dining here. Now, we were here partaking in tea.

Here’s what we had: Sandwiches and Blinis. The sandwiches were: Curried chicken salad with raisins and pecans; Shrimp salad with remoulade; Smoked Scottish salmon with chive cream cheese; Artichoke with red pepper, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese; Turkey with truffle croque monsieur; NY smoked sturgeon with dill and sour cream; Roquefort blue cheese and apples with walnuts. We also had a tasting of two American caviars on blinis.

Our favorite: The curried chicken. Least Favorite: The sun-dried tomatoes.

For dessert we had assorted seasonal scones, cupcakes, and petits fours. The selection of teas included English Breakfast; Darjeeling; Formosa Oolong; Chamomile; Mint Verbena; Rooibos Chai. I loved the hearty flavored Rooibos Chai. The Russian Tea Room also offers wild cherries in syrup to add to the teas.  

Although I was a bit underwhelmed, the service made up for any unfulfilled expectations. The room was not totally full but there were girlfriends enjoying tea, a family or two, as well as a few couples who seemed like they were on dates (and I think high tea at the Russian Tea Room would make for a lovely date.)

The details: Afternoon Tea is offered daily from 2pm – 4:30pm; Royal Afternoon Tea is $90 or $115 with Champagne.

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Ann is a freelance writer who started her professional career at the NY Trend more than two decades ago. Ann has since gone on to write for a number of major outlets including: Black Enterprise, Essence, MadameNoire, Pathfinders, Frequent Flier, Playboy, The Source, Girl, Upscale, For Harriet, The Network Journal, AFKInsider, Africa Strictly Business, AFKTravel, among others.

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