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Follow these Do’s & Don’ts When Buying AFRICANANCESTRY.COM Test Kits

Are you like many people that have tried an online ancestry test only to get results that don’t tell you where you’re from in Africa? This Holiday, African Ancestry (, the black-owned pioneers of genetics ancestry tracing for people of African descent, is educating consumers on what to look for when purchasing an ancestry test kit and making it more affordable with a special holiday discount with promo code DoYouKnow?. People who order their kits by December 1, can guarantee delivery of results by Christmas.

“Consumers are confused by which ancestry kit tells them what. Many come to us dissatisfied with the lack of specificity of their results from other companies, but unfortunately, you get what they pay for,” said Dr. Gina Paige, president and co-founder of “Our tests offer the immeasurable value of knowing your African country and “tribe” of origin. Other companies tell you that you have some percentage of West African ancestry. History already tells you that…for free.”



  • DO… use us to find out where you are from in Africa and what tribe.
  • DO… use us if you want results that can be shared by an entire family line.
  • DO… use us if you want to #BUYBLACK.
  • DO…use us if you want your DNA to be confidential.


  • DON’T… use us if you want get health information.
  • DON’T… use us if you want to know percentages of ancestry.
  • DON’T… use us if you want genealogy records

A Black identity company at its core, uses its database of more than 30,000 African lineages to pinpoint a present day African country of origin and tribe. It does this for Black fathers with its PatriClanä Test and the MatriClanä Test for mothers. One simple swab of the cheek reveals the ancestry of everyone on that family line. “Our closest competitor uses a little more than 600 lineages,” noted Paige.

Between November 1 and December 15, customers that enter DoYouKnow? at checkout can get the special holiday offering. For more information, visit and on Facebook and @AfricanAncestry.

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