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Jenifer Lewis: Her Candid Interview with Larry King!


Hollywood actress Jenifer Lewis sat down with Larry King for an all new season six episode of the Emmy-nominated series, “Larry King Now” and opened up about the cultural impact of her hit ABC sitcom “Black-ish,” living with bipolar disorder, and what frightens her most about President Trump. Plus, why Jenifer and Larry both love the word “f*ck,” it’s a hilarious clip you’ll want to check out below.

“Black-ish” star Jenifer Lewis applauds both the show’s writing staff and ABC executives for allowing the hit sitcom to unpack touchy topics like police brutality, race relations, and women’s rights throughout its multi-season run. Explaining, “We dressed up in slave clothes on a sitcom, that’s how brilliant the writers are!” (clip below)

Jenifer Lewis, who’s been treated for bipolar disorder since the 90’s, strongly believes that President Trump exhibits signs of serious mental health issues, including bouts of “mania” and real indicators of being a sociopath. “I know what mental illness looks like. Donald Trump is mentally ill, but on top of his mental illness he’s a sociopath. So he will never get help, because sociopaths don’t feel.” Adding, “He’s not depressed, it’s his mania. I know how we hide it.”

In an unexpected moment, the hilarious Jenifer Lewis explains her love for the word “f*ck” to Larry, who then reveals that he too adores the same curse word! Larry says “It feels great, its the best word in the English language because it means many things.”

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