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Smoothly Navigate Medicare/Medicaid in 2018 with the Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group

Navigating the complex Medicare and Medicaid application process may seem like a daunting task. Ginalisa Monterroso wants you to know that doesn’t have to be the case.

Monterroso, Founder and CEO of the Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group, is dedicated to helping people determine whether they are eligible for Federal financial healthcare assistance and guiding them through the application process step-by-step, making for a clear and easily understandable experience.


“Assisting those in need to obtain the Medicare and Medicaid benefits they are entitled to is a moral and personal responsibility that I hold close to my heart,” Monterroso says. “By encouraging people to explore whether they are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, fighting eligibility misperceptions, and untangling the bureaucratic process, the Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group has helped thousands of young and older adults alike to lead healthier, happier lives.”

Monterroso has 20 years of experience in the specialized field of raising awareness and educating people about Medicare and Medicaid. Her passion for helping others is born of personal experience. Monterroso was inspired to advocate for people’s rights after fighting the system to ensure that her daughter, who has Down syndrome, was afforded the care and education she needed.

As a foremost authority on Medicare and Medicaid, Ms. Monterroso has been a featured expert in numerous high-profile media outlets, including the New York Times, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, NBC News New York and ABC News New York among others.

Q&A With Gina Montessoro On Medicare and Medicaid:

Does your elderly or disabled loved one require home-care?

What is unknown to many Medicare Participants..Medicare pays up to 35 hours of free home-care. If the Medicare participant is elderly, or disabled and requires assistance with meal preparation, dressing, bathing, walking. Medicare will pay for a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech therapist and a Home Health Aide. All of these services can be provided for 60 days upon a recommendation from your primary physician and can be renewed every 60 days with the primary physicians authorization.

If the elderly or disabled client require more than the 35 hours, Medicaid can provide additional hours depending on each state. Currently, New York State provides 24 hour homecare for the disabled, aged and Blind.


Does your elderly loved one require transportation assistance to medical appointments?


Medicaid provides transportation to and from doctors appointment for their elderly and disabled clients. Each state has a different transportation program in place. New York State contract with Ambulettes and private care service company that will pick up and drop off at doctors appointments,


Does your elderly or disabled loved one require a private duty nurse?


Medicaid and Medicare provide a private duty nurse to assist with medications, wound care, complex medical assistance at home.


Does your elderly or disabled loved one require dental assistance?


Medicare does not cover dental. Medicaid covers all dental treatments for the elderly and disabled.


Does your elderly loved one require daily meals. 


Medicaid has contracted with private food vendors who will prepare and deliver meals freshly made to you home. We are all familiar with meals on wheels but there are other food vendors who contracted with Medicaid to prepare foods for any type of diet. We actually tried a vendor. They delivered two weeks work of food. The food was DELICIOUS!!


Has your elderly or disabled loved require treatment while vacationing out of state?


Enrolling in Medicare Traditional, you can receive medical care within the 50 states.


Is your elderly or disabled loved one interested in a Social Day Program?


Medicaid will pay for the social day program and provide the transportation for pick up and drop off.


Does your elderly or disabled loved one require a brand medication and Medicare will not pay?


Have your doctor write a letter stating the reason why this brand is medically necessary. Medicare will pay if the recommendation is medically necessary.


Do you know someone you trust, family member, friend who would care for your elderly loved one? 


Medicaid will pay for the person you choose to provide homecare for your elderly, disabled loved one. The ONLY requirements, Has to have a valid Visa or be a permanent resident of the United States or be a US Citizen. Medicaid can pay up to $14.50 per hour, depending on the contracted agency.




About the Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group The Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group located in New York City firmly believes that obtaining Medicare and Medicaid does not have to be a complex or confusing process. The company is committed to raising people’s awareness of their eligibility for Federal financial healthcare assistance and combating eligibility misperceptions including age, financial situation and family status.  Founder and President Ginalisa Monterroso, an expert in the field of Medicare and Medicaid, built the company on compassion for loved ones. For more information visit or call 646.745.9122.




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