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Warning Issued About Skin-Lightening Creams & Medicated Soaps that Contain Dangerous Levels of Mercury

The NYC Health Department has warned New York City residents about 10 skin-lightening creams from Pakistan and two medicated soaps from Spain with elevated levels of mercury. These products can contain up to 14,000 times the allowable limit for mercury in cosmetics. Exposure to mercury can cause serious and life-threatening health problems, including damage to the nervous system and kidneys. In pregnant women, mercury poisoning can also affect the fetus and increase the risk of miscarriage. The Health Department sent an alert to health care providers in New York City to advise patients against using such products.

The Health Department recommends that New Yorkers immediately stop using all skin-lightening creams and medicated soaps that list mercury as an ingredient. However, mercury may not always be listed as an ingredient on the label, so New Yorkers should speak with their doctor if they are using non-prescription products to lighten their skin or for skin disorders.


The New York City Health Code prohibits the sale of toxic personal products. The Health Department is working with New York City businesses to remove the following products from their shelves:

o   Due Beauty Cream made by Kreative Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd.

o   Sandal Whitening Beauty Cream made by MMC Cosmetics, Pakistan

o   Chandni Whitening Cream made by SJ Enterprises, Pakistan

o   Golden Pearl Beauty Cream made by Golden Pearl Cosmetics

o   Face Fresh Beauty Cream made by Shaheen Cosmetics, Pakistan

o   Faiza No. 1 Beauty Cream made by A.M. Cosmetics (Pak), Pakistan

o   Faiza Beauty Cream made by Poonia Brothers (Pak), Pakistan

o   Seven Herbal Ubtan Cream made by C.P.H.L.

o   Stillman’s Freckle Cream and Stillman’s Skin Bleach Cream made in Pakistan under license from the Stillman Company, Inc., USA

o   Niuma Medicated Antiseptic Soap made by Niuma Belleza, Spain

o   Niuma Lemon Medicated Germicidal Soap made by Niuma Belleza, Spain

The Health Department advises New Yorkers to:

·       Immediately stop using all skin-lightening creams and medicated soaps that list mercury as an ingredient.

·       Tell your health care provider if you are using non-prescription products to lighten skin or for skin disorders.

·       Call 311 to report locations where these products are sold.

·       Call 212-POISONS (212-764-7667) or visit for additional information.


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