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Eat Dessert First…It’s Never Tomorrow

chocolate-raspberrycakeOne of the few philosophies I choose to live by is to “eat dessert first.” People often express that life is short and therefore one should seize the day. However I do not agree with the mentality that life is short, but rather uncertain. A person never knows what their future holds.

As a result of this, I do not believe in postponing happiness. Throughout childhood and early adolescence without effort one lives in the moment. As people get older they anticipate more and therefore do what appears logical for their future instead of taking advantage of the present and making themselves happy immediately.

The phrase “eat dessert first” demonstrates the mentality of seizing the day. For nutritional purposes it is clearly better to eat your dinner and then desert, but every once in a while I personally disregard logic and choose immediate enjoyment.

Eat dessert first is a metaphor to make happiness a priority because it is never tomorrow. It is always only today. Plans change and rarely execute in the way one intended. Therefore it is important to seize the day and do what makes you happy sooner than later and remember to “eat dessert first.”

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