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Holiday Gifts for Reducing Stress

Corc Yoga
Meditate before bed with Corc Yoga Mats! Crafted from 100% organic cork gently harvested in Portugal, these earth-conscious, chemical-free mats combine raw beauty with comfort. Every time you use your Corc Yoga Mat you’re working to improve your mind, body and health. With each purchase, the company donates a portion of its sales to organizations working to solve the mental health crisis in Portugal.
Walk around your house in comfortable cozy sweaters from Mermaid Life! Mermaid Life® hoodies are so soft it will become your favorite sweater. Designed with Mermaid Life’s logo – it looks mermazing! Mermaid Life® was created with every girls’ inner mermaid in mind. Not just for women, but for little mermaids too! From beach towels to clothing and jewelry you can sport your inner mermaid no matter the conditions. 
Keep your feet warm and comfy with Fazl Socks! Fazl Socks are handmade in the Himalayas by women who craft each pair using designs handed down from generation to generation. Every purchase helps orphaned and destitute children in India. Fazl Socks donates 50% of its net profits to help provide them with food, shelter, education, and clothing. Fazl Socks also pays its workers fair wages so they can afford a better life.
Whether you need a cat nap or just want to relax and catch up on your favorite shows, get wrapped up in warmth and comfort with PediPocket’s ultra-plush, velvety fleece blanket! PediPocket’s genius comes from a clever 20” pocket that keeps your tootsies delightfully toasty. It’s also nearly 6 feet long, more than long enough to cover any person, from the smallest to the tallest. 
Sound Oasis
Switch off your mind and ease into sleep with Sound Oasis! Sound Oasis’ Glo To Sleep Mask, helps you fall asleep faster. This mask is a safe, natural, and effective way to help get you, your much needed sleep. Thanks to wisdom and modern technology, Sound Oasis has created a revolutionary new way to clear your mind, relax quickly and sleep naturally.
Prep your skin before bedtime with miniOrganics soothing oils and balms! miniOrganics is a pure, natural, certified organic skincare line for moms and babies. Created with their award-winning Unique Authentic Organic Formulations to meet the highest international standards. All products are guaranteed free from modified ingredients, pesticide residues, petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and nut oils. Ingredients SO Pure, SO Safe, SO gentle you need SO little to pamper the most precious skin.
Good Cubed
Rejuvenate your skin while you sleep with Good Cubed’s Natural Night Rebuilder Cream! Good Cubed is a 100% Cruelty-Free and Clean Online Beauty Marketplace, featuring a curated selection of makeup, skincare, and haircare products from top indie beauty producers all in one convenient place. They go the extra mile to vet all brands in order to give customers peace of mind that they are buying truly cruelty-free products. 
Wake up looking well rested with The Spa Dr.! This new skincare line is powerful, yet gentle, and packed with natural, plant-based ingredients that will leave your skin clean, nourished, protected and simply beautiful during the changing seasons. The Spa Dr’s step 2 antioxidant serum contains pullulan as an ingredient meaning it will have an immediate tightening effect on your skin. This serum works wonders around the delicate eye area.

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