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Fashion Hack: How To Zip Up Your Dress By Yourself!

Zip My Dress is quick and easy to use! Just open the clamp and close it securely over the zipper. For invisible zippers, insert the zipper inside the clamp’s crevice in the center. Then put on your dress and use the ribbon to gently and firmly pull the zipper up. Once at the top, open the clasp and you’re done. The dress that used to take a while to zip, is done in seconds.


This genius fix is exactly what you need for whenever you’re dressing alone. Perfect for shopping and trying on clothes, solo business trips, and a late morning, consider the back zip zipper problem all zipped up!


More to Love About Zip My Dress:

  • Works with Invisible Zippers – made specifically to master this challenging type of zipper that other zipper pulls on the market can’t handle!
  • Variety of Colors – choose from black, pink, turquoise, dark blue and green
  • Lightweight and Portable – put one in your purse or luggage
  • Women-Owned Business – made by women for women
  • Made in the USA




Cory Harris had a daily problem. When she needed help with her zipper in the morning, she’d have to ask a neighbor. When her neighbor wasn’t home, she’d throw on a sweater over her half-zipped dress and get help at the office. After divorcing, she moved away from Jan and was completely alone. Harris had used other zipper pullers on the market, but they didn’t work with the tough invisible zippers. So, Harris decided to make one herself. After much trial and error, she succeeded and Zip My Dress® was born. This patented product works with almost any type of zipper, making women’s lives easier and solo dressing a snap!


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