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Reveal Your Natural Beauty with The Spa Dr.

If you’re concerned about the stuff you put in your body, you should be just as concerned as what you put on it. Chemicals in your skincare routine can wreak as much havoc as the chemicals you ingest. That’s why naturopathic physician, Dr. Trevor Cates has come out with a skincare system that is both clean and effective. The Spa Dr.’s line is powerful, yet gentle and packed with natural, plant-based ingredients that leave your skin clean, nourished, protected and simply beautiful. Whether you’re struggling with fine lines, redness, bumps or discoloration, The Spa Dr. works to heal your skin naturally.The Spa Dr. is vegan and never tested on animals. What’s not in this line is just as important as what is. You’ll never find never find fragrance, heavy metals, triclosan, petrochemicals, sd alcohol, parabens, sulfates, hydroquinone, artificial colors, formaldehyde releasers, phthalates, mineral oils, propylene glycol, silicone or ethanolamine in any of the Spa Dr.’s products. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and say hello to gorgeous skin! 

 The Spa Dr.’s 4 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Skin:

Step 1 Clear – Cleanse and clear your skin without disrupting its natural barrier with this gentle cleanser. Helps remove build up from surface of skin. Balances natural oils for younger looking, sensual skin.

Step 2 Nourish – Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin with this antioxidant serum. Lifts and firms skin for a youthful bounce. Minimizes discoloration for more even-toned and elegant skin.

Step 3 Renew – Rehydrate tired, dry skin with this enriched moisturizer. Leaves your skin feeling silky, hydrated and smooth. Protects skin from elements. Gives skin essential fatty acids it needs to stay hydrated and soft.

Step 4 Enhance – Revitalize dull skin. Nourishes your skin back to looking fresh, healthy and radiant. Replenish, restore, and renew your skin so it’s beautiful and glowing throughout the day. Another reason to love this line: it’s verified by the Environmental Working Group so you can be confident the products are clean. Dr. Trevor Cates is a naturopathic physician, author, speaker and founder of her 4-step skincare system. She’s been featured on  The Doctors, PBS, CNN, Extra and more. She authored the best-selling book on skincare Clean Skin from Within and has her own line of supplements along with her skincare line which is popular with celebrities like Zoey de Chanel, makeup artist Jorjee Douglass and everyday folks around the world.

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