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17th Annual International Beauty Show and International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in NYC Showcases Beauty’s Biggest Trends

I had the pleasure of attending the International Beauty Show and International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in NYC last week to view the beauty industry’s biggest trends. The floor was abuzz with the top wellness & beauty topics we can expect to see in 2019 and beyond. Check them out below:

CBD Infused Beauty: CBD is the ingredient of the moment, especially in the beauty industry. With powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to rejuvenate skin/hair the trend has tuned into a full-on movement. From CBD hair products, Mud Masks and even CBD Water & pet products, it was all seen on the floor!

o   Top Trending Brands: Premium Wellness ProductS.O.L – Strains of LifeMedterra CBD

Men’s Grooming: The floor was abuzz (quite literally) with men’s grooming. Between the demos and live competitions at the Grooming Pavilion, fine lines and fades were the name of the game (with a refreshing approach to men’s skincare as well)! Here we saw the revival of men’s upkeep, planting their strong steak in the beauty industry.

·         Top Trending Brands: ReuzelBabyLiss ProElegance USAPIBBS

Prism COLOR: The brands at IBS let their true colors out in hair, makeup and nails. Live bodypainting demos grabbed event-goers attention, while rainbow-bright hair was the talk of the town – whatever it was brands made a splash of color, which will be HUGE when looking towards spring and summer.

·         Top Trending BrandsManic Panic!, TK Hair GroupGelish

Planted-Based and Sustainable Skincare: Sustainability in the beauty industry has become a hot topic due to a rise in environmental awareness, new global standards, its profitability and consumer demand. On the show floor, we saw that sustainability isn’t just about products being organic or natural it’s also thinking about the long-term impact of the ingredients and their impact on the environment.

·         Top Trending Brands: RepêchageNelly De VuystFarmhouse FreshEminence

K-Beauty: Korean Beauty stayed the steady trend at this year’s IECSC & IBS shows. This year we saw a greater evolution in the category including advances in LED technology, micro-current technology and of course the latest in sheet masks and skincare finds!

·         Top Trending Brands: LeBodyAmarteUaru

LED: Whether it’s at home or in the comfort of a doctor’s office, during this year’s IECSC we learned that LED lights can be used not only to correct skin issues such as redness, acne scarring, fine lines, etc. but is also the next big thing in pain management! Perfect for join or muscle issues, LED is a treatment anyone can benefit from.

·         Top Trending Brands: LightStimCellumaZero Gravity Skin

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