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Introducing Kesi Gibson

Jamaican-born designer Kesi Gibson grew up in the world of fashion. She has been an understudy in her mother’s fashion business since the age of nine. Her path to declaring fashion a career choice (versus a part time hobby) has been a meandering one, informed by the typical artist dilemma. She has always been observant of the economic challenges of creative professionals, especially women, who struggle to make a living from their artistic talents.

Her formal career has been in the investment banking arena, where she’s worked for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan and Veronis Suhler Stevenson (Private Equity). She earned her BA in International Relations & Economics from Mount Holyoke College, and MBA from The Wharton School. The essence of the KYU BY KESI which translates to “Progress By Kesi” is a dynamic reflection of Kesi’s personal and professional journey. She is determined to pave sustainable paths to financial success beyond local street corners, for artisans around the globe, and has a social focus bent on eradicating the celebrated phenomena of the “poor struggling artist.”

Through KYU BY KESI social impact arm “The Melting Pot Movement” KYU BY KESI has partnered with The Impossible Dream Project, whose goal is to create possibilities for people with disabilities, using water and in particular the ocean as a vehicle of empowerment. Among other significant initiatives to affect change in entrepreneurship and social enterprise, Kesi has partnered with Hult Prize to create Hult Prize Caribbean, to foster and support social entrepreneurship in the Caribbean region. Kesi has also been an Entrepreneur/Adviser in Residence for Hult Prize incubator since July 2016, helping to shape the vision and enterprise model for entrepreneurs around the world.

As a contemporary artist, who focuses heavily on creating wearable art, Kesi’s pre- occupation with the possibilities of expression in abstraction can be experienced in every garment and in every stitch. As you discover KYU BY KESI body of work, you will notice a geometric undertone in almost everything Kesi does, with a strong focus on lines and indirection. Launched in New York, at fashion week in 2015, by LRL Group, KYU BY KESI has been on a steady growth path. The brand currently has three accessories collections, and most recently a ready to wear collection that debuted in Miami in the summer of 2017 during a private showing hosted by noTheName. The SS18 Ready To Wear Collection is currently available in our New York Soho showroom. Despite the brand’s relatively recent official launch, Kesi has been designing clothing and accessories, reaching private audiences since 2007 (in parallel with her investment banking career).

Kyu Melange is a by-product of KYU BY KESI, designed to promote sustainable economic infrastructures for artists and artisans world wide.The Kyu Melange Virtual Fashion Mall is KYU BY KESI Future of Fashion Growth Strategy powered by blockchain technology, augmented / virtual reality and powerful hardware/software optimization. Kesi is currently fund raising for Project GRAFATAR: The GRowth Accelerator for FAshion Technology & Advanced Retailing.

Specific elements that will be underpinned by blockchain include payment, authentication, supply chain and ownership verification. These elements will be deployed to support the exchange of value in the Kyu Melange Digital Economy, expressed via a Virtual Shopping Mall utilizing 3D Web, virtual and augmented reality. The Virtual Shopping Mall will be an enabler for the Fashion Supply and Value Chain, reaching the customer via mobile, meanwhile creating communities around product development, transparency in supply chain, product authenticity and above all, a significant and sustainable strategy to level the playing field for both established / well – capitalized designers and local talent no matter where they are located in the world. We are excited bout GRAFATAR and the innovations we are creating. Stay tuned.

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Ann is a freelance writer who started her professional career at the NY Trend more than two decades ago. Ann has since gone on to write for a number of major outlets including: Black Enterprise, Essence, MadameNoire, Pathfinders, Frequent Flier, Playboy, The Source, Girl, Upscale, For Harriet, The Network Journal, AFKInsider, Africa Strictly Business, AFKTravel, among others.

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