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The Revolutionary Q-Redew Hair Steamer and New Accessory Line

Whether you are sporting beach waves, rocking a puff, or trying a new summer hair color, the Q-Redew™ has you covered with all of the essentials to keep your naturally kinky and curly textures damage-free allsummer long. 

The #NoMoreDamage Accessory Collection includes 3 specially curated items to flawlessly SLAY hair this summer and make wash day a breeze!
 Q-Redew™ Detangling Brush
Follow-up your Q-Redew™ detangling routine with the Q-Redew™ Detangling Brush. Gentle enough to remove loose hairs, smooth, and define your curls or texture, it has bristle rows that separate and flex for gentle detangling. It’s snag-free and suitable for all hair textures, and is best if used on steamed or wet hair.

Q-Redew™ Microfiber Hair Turban 

Reduce damage, frizz, tangles, and need for heat drying tools with the  Q-Redew™ Microfiber Hair Turban. This easy-to-wrap and secure  turban is lint-free and extra absorbent. It quickly dries hair without catching and damaging the hair cuticle like a cotton terry towel. Once wrapped you are hands-free to take care of more important things. Secure hair in 3 easy steps…
Q-Redew™ Silk Pillowcase

Sleep easy with the Q-Redew™ 100% Silk Pillowcase that decreases friction and retains hair’s natural moistures, resulting in decreased frizz, tangles, and dryness. Bonus: silk pillow cases have been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases! You can sleep comfortably knowing the silk cover will stay on all night with a zipper closure to hold the pillowcase in place. Sweet Dreams… 😴💭
Q-Redew™  Handheld Hair Steamer

The original Q-Redew™ Handheld Hair Steamer is a revolutionary curly hair girl’s new best friend! By applying steam to kinky, coily, textured hair, the Q-Redew™ enhances the natural textures of your hair while also protecting it from frizz, heat exposure, and friction caused by brushes all while maintaining your natural curl pattern. 

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