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Therapist Shares 100 Simple Tips For Overcoming Anxiety & Depression & Learning To Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition: 100 Ways to Transform Anxiety and Depression for Stronger Mental Health by Jill Sylvester Released May 31, 2019

Do you ever wish that when feelings of anxiety or depression start creeping in, a caring, supportive therapist was right there, helping you break past the dark thoughts and emotions?

Enter licensed mental health counselor and wellness coach, Jill Sylvester. Her new book Trust Your Intuition: 100 Ways to Transform Anxiety and Depression for Stronger Mental Health will make it seem that Jill is there beside you, coaching you through the techniques she uses with the adults, adolescents, children and parents she counsels in her private practice. Jill’s first book, Land of the Blue, won a Mom’s Choice Award in 2018.

Couched in personal anecdotes about Jill’s own struggle with anxiety and depression and her path to overcoming them, Trust Your Intuition (May 31, 2019) provides that reassuring voice we all crave when feeling uncertain, dark or down.

Its five sections focus on how to: Hold On through some of the most grueling feelings of anxiety and depression; Take Good Self-Care; BelieveTrust Your Intuition;and Feel Better. Written in a warm, conversational tone accessible to all, it is easy to read, re-read, or flip through when you need to find just the right tool for a particular challenge.

For example:

  • Is anxiety creeping up on you?  Play the “And Then What?” game, running the anxiety all the way through to a place where you emerge unscathed—or laughing!
  • Feeling overwhelmed or on the verge of panic? Take a moment to distance yourself from the source.
  • Want to set yourself up for a peaceful, anxiety-free day? List three to five things you are grateful for when you first wake up. Check in with yourself through exercise or meditation before checking your phone.
  • Are your children feeling anxious? Show them how to use the ‘tighten and release’ technique to help tension leave their body.  Bonus: you can do this too!
  • Are you unnerved by your inner gremlins’ negative voices? Learn to outsmart them by talking back.
  • Worried that your next bad day is right around the corner? Don’t wait for it to happen. Prevent it by scheduling regular mental health days off.

Above all, Trust Your Intuition delivers this powerful reminder: your intuition never lies. Through practice, you can learn to tune into its voice and follow it like an inner navigation system. You can strengthen intuition too, like a muscle, and come to trust your own inner voice.

Doing so—and following the tips in Trust Your Intuition—will reinforce your power to raise the bar for your life and overcome the feelings weighing you down.  It’s simply a matter of deciding you truly want something different, Jill says: not just in theory, but in action.

Praise for Trust Your Intuition

“A book filled with bite-sized advice and actions that anyone can be inspired by and put into practice minutes after reading them.  No nonsense from start to finish that will be helpful for everyone and anyone.”
– C.C. Chapman, Author of Amazing Things Will Happen

“In your hands is a wealth of soulful tips to help you reclaim your emotional and mental health.  If you dive deep into one tip a day, incredible things can happen like spontaneous joy, increased confidence, and a renewed gusto for living.  No need to hesitate on this one.  I’ll be stocking my practice with many copies.”

– Arlene Dijamco, MD, Integrative & Transformative Physician,

About the Author

Jill Sylvester is a licensed mental health counselor who has worked with adults and children in private practice for nearly ten years. She has been quoted in Oprah Magazine and She Knows. Her first book, the novel The Land of Blue, is the recipient of a Mom’s Choice Award. 

TitleTrust Your Intuition: 100 Ways to Transform Anxiety and Depression for Stronger Mental Health

Author: Jill Sylvester

Paperback: 218 pages

Price: $14.95

Publisher: Old Tree House Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 099897756X

ISBN-13: 978-0998977560

About the Author

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