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Flying Solo Fashion Show

Flying Solo welcomed over 800 guests at their sixth New York Fashion Week shows on Friday, September 6th at Pier 59 Studios, The show was divided into 2 parts – ready-to wear and couture

Flying Solo fashion show with an energetic format and a focus on diversity demonstrated this concept with over 500 looks by more than 60 designers. The show is proving to be one of the most cutting-edge fashion events during New York Fashion Week presenting a wide array of womenswear, menswear and accessories.

Young Paris​ opened the show for ​Fortuna Tokyo​ along with model ​Eugenia Kuzmina​. With a mission of being diverse and inclusive, Flying Solo fashion show strives to deliver this message through their cast of models and designers all around the world.

A concept created and brought to life by veteran independent designers, Flying Solo has quadrupled in size since its formation in 2016, with over 70 designers from 36 countries showing on the main stage at Pier 59 Studios at New York Fashion Week, a venue known for showcasing numerous cutting-edge designers from Delpozo to Yeezy.

“We asked ourselves, ‘What if we collaborate instead of compete? What if we can create a successful brand that can change retail and a model that can benefit designers?’”​ said Elizabeth Solomeina, co-founder of Flying Solo. ​“Flying Solo is transformative. We don’t listen to what the outside world tells us can’t be done; we listen to our designers and our customers, and we keep growing within the industry we love.”

Flying Solo is a diverse and talented community of designers and entrepreneurs, collaborating in order to create a successful fashion retail company. In 2017, Flying Solo moved into a 7,000 square foot flagship store located on West Broadway (NYC) alongside other top luxury brands. The store has notable clientele including Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Vanessa Hudgens, and Leandra Medine, who come to discover unique product and support independent fashion talent.

Flying Solo been featured in ​Fashionista, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Vogue, Marie Claire, Nylon, a​ nd​ Harper’s Bazaar.

A returning partnership with ​Ecru New York​, Flying Solo’s sixth showcase is supported by a team of talented artists for hair and makeup. A reliable and trusted transportation service for the show is being provided by ​UPS​ in their second time partnership.

Each season, Flying Solo discoveres new talented independent designers from across the globe. This year’s lineup:

Ready To Wear:

Left to Right/Top To Bottom:​ ​831 MINHLE​, ​AADHE CLOTHING​ with Jewelry by ​D.Sign Jewelry by Mauro Pina​, ​AGOSTO CUELLAR​, ​ANDB COLLECTION​ with Jewelry by ​GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​ and Watches by ​ALIK & CO​, ​ANNA MARGARETTE​, ​APACCELI​, with Jewelry by ​GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​, ASHLEY RAYNOR​ with Jewelry by ​B_Dodi design​ , ​BRODIE CASHMERE​ with Jewelry by ​Y.Han​, CAMOUFLAGED​ with Jewelry by ​D.Sign Jewelry by Mauro Pina​ and Bags ​Volta Atelier​, ​ELENA RUDENKO​ with Jewelry by ​Y.Han​ and Hats by GO Clothed, ​FORTUNA TOKYO​, ​HOUSE OF GILLIAN MARIE​ with Bags by ​CARO NEW YORK​, ​HUT MENTALITY​, ​KATELYN ZHANG​ with Jewelry by GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​, ​Zynni Cashmere​ with Bags by ​Katie Lares​, ​KG’S HOUSE OF FASHION​ with Jewelry by ​GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​ and Bags by ​CARO NEW YORK​, MONA ROMANI with Jewelry by Wendy Jewelry​, ​MONOSUIT​, ​MONZLAPUR​ with Jewelry by ​Solomeina Jewelry​, NEOSKA PARIS, SUMMER DUCHESS​, ​NEZYORKCITY​, ​SISI GOD​, ​NOT​ with Jewelry by ​Y.Han​ and Shoes by ​United Nude​, OF THE SAINTS, ​QIQEE​ with Jewelry by ​B_Dodi design​, ​RORA​ with Jewelry by ​D.Sign Jewelry by Mauro Pina​, ​SETA APPAREL​, ​SHABEEG​ with Jewelry by ​GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​ and Bags by ​Tell No leyes​, ​SIATTA JEANS​ with Hats by ​​, ​SUKAZ​, ​NUDE SWIM​ with Jewelry by ​GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​, ​UNDERTOP​ with Shoes by ​Paula Torres​, ​DANIELA BARROS​ with Jewelry by ​Y.Han​, ​TWEE IN ONE​ with Jewelry by ​GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​, ​NUEQUE​ with Bags by ​Tell No leyes​, ​CHARMOSA SWIMWEAR​ with Bags by ​Volta Atelier


Left to Right/Top To Bottom:​ ​AIDA STORY OF BATIK​, ​ASADY​, ​CESSAN​ with Jewelry by ​Georgina Jewelry​, ​BJ COUTURE​ with Jewelry by ​RITIQUE by Ritika Atwal​ and Bags by ​CARO New York​, ​Diana Caramaci​, ​ECE OZALP x MELTEM SAHIN​, ​MonaLizabeth by Elizabeth Brown​ with Head accessory Tulip Kurdi New York, ​FRAQAIR​, ​GELA WESH​, ​Georgina Jewelry​, ​HIROMI ASAI​, ​ISABEL ORIGINAL​, J’AMEMME​ with Jewelry by ​RITIQUE by Ritika Atwal​, ​LIOR SCHWARTZMAN​, ​MARINA MICANOVIC​ with Bags by ​Volta Atelier​, MEEKELLE BY MICHELLE, ​MIRANDA KURTISHI​, ​NAMIBIA VIERA​ with Jewelry by Georgina Jewelry​, ​NATIV TATOO​, ​NIKO SWAN​ with Jewelry by ​GLAMROCKS JEWELRY​ and Head accessory by Tulip Kurdi New York, ​PURPLE LAGOS​, ​VIIVI​, ​QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM​, ​RC CAYLAN ATELIER​, ​ROSEPANY & CLARA LIM​, ​THUY DESIGN HOUSE​, ​XLLULLAN​ with Hats by GO Clothed

For more information, visit Flying Solo’s retail shop at 434 West Broadway in New York City, or visit

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