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Black Spending On Health And Beauty Care Product Dollars Can Serve AS An Economic Boom For Our Community

It is no secret that African Americans spend a huge amount of money on Health and Beauty Products.  A recent article suggests that African Americans spend to the tune of $437 million in the ethnic hair and beauty market.  We need to reconsider areas such as these where we are spending a substantial amount of money as potential opportunities to expand employment and wealth. 

The strength of African Americans as community needs to parlay into using our collective will, collective consciousness, and spending purse to have our dollars remain in areas of our community to support existing businesses in the health and beauty industry.

Recently, the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. began to work with ButterMEssentials a Natural Hair Care and Body Company which has produced a variety of products which cater to women, men, and children so there is something for the whole family.  ButterMEssentials is located online at

One of the first thing we need to do is to identify where we spend our dollars as community daily, and then come up with a comprehensive plan of how we can redirect our dollars in a way that will lead to building sustainable communities across America.

We also need to understand that ideas are not only sources of pleasure, but can be turned into sources on power and economic wealth.  The Village Press is also a business that should be supported in the community through subscriptions and advertisements as a paper serves as a conduit for the start of effective change by putting good ideas out to the masses in our community.

Photo: African American Small Business Expo on Long Island

It is my goal to plan in the future to host meetings such as how to open a storefront in the community, how to pool assets together as community for inside first, then outside community development, and how about a black venture capital fund.   Access to capital forums, conferences and expos are also on the agenda to make a difference in our community in the area of economic empowerment. 

As President of the New York State’s largest African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. and situated in the largest business market for African Americans in the county we can’t sit back and be idle about the possibilities we can create if we work together as a community.  Over a period of time we will continue to look at different segments of the economy where are dollars a flowing out of the community and begin to look at how we can redirect our spending in a positive manner.

We can apply this idea and concept to communities across Black America!

About: The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. – The LI African American Chamber of Long Island is New York State’s largest African American Chamber and currently serves the counties of Kings, Nassau, Queens and Suffolk. 

The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has appeared on WABC Here and Now and NBC’s Positively Black and has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine for the work they are doing in the area of Economic Empowerment.

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