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Frank Ocean Returns with a ​New Single “DHL”

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Frank Ocean is best known for his multi-platinum, grammy-nominating, albums of R&B/Pop music with major hip hop influence. What is not known is much of his personal life and what he does during the years between each album drop. Frank is known to be very quiet and cryptic on his social media platforms- with his Instagram recently being changed to “public” in 2018. His only active social media site was Tumblr before that was hacked in early 2019.

Even with the minor social media presence, his cult-like fans have been scouring Internet forums and the streets of SOHO to get a glimpse of what the singer/songwriter might be up to since the release of ENDLESS and BLOND in the summer of 2016. In fact, he didn’t even plan a proper tour after the album had released, instead only appearing in a select amount of music festivals and a being brought out at Tyler the Creator’s sold-out surprise show at Webster Hall. Frank had been releasing standalone singles and merch on his website quietly mixed with a reissue of his BLONDED MAG magazine that was released with the original album back in 2016.

Singles like Chanel, Biking, Lens, Provider, and Moon river have been quietly released through Apple Music with minimal marketing and future announcements coinciding with the releases. 2018 and 2019 have been relatively quiet, with only 2 singles in the 24 months leading up to the announcement of BLONDED RADIO 006. Blonded radio is Frank ocean’s own Beats 1 radio station that is streamed exclusively through Apple Music and is a curation of music frank arranges into a playlist. The radio station, much like everything else Frank is affiliated with, is Cryptic and unpredictable, with announcements seemingly being last minute and at very odd hours of the night in certain cases. the last couple of singles that Frank released have been played on the end of these radio sessions but do not always occur, this keeps his fanbase and the media in the dark as to when we will actually get new music.

The announcement for BONDED 006 came on Sunday, October 20th at around 6:02 PM and was accompanied by a snippet of a new song Titled “Cayendo” Followed by the release of a new single “DHL”. DHL is a Shipping company founded in the USA and has been prominent with international shipping and often overshadowed by the success of its competitor FedEx. although a song not about the company itself the song references drug paraphernalia being passed around him like DHL.

In the bottom corner of the album artwork for Frank’s new single, one can make out twelve silhouettes followed by one with inverted colors seeming to be the hi-lighted photo in the center of the album. There has been widespread speculation that these thirteen poses represent thirteen tracks on what is possibly a new album coming soon. This would be Frank’s third studio album since Blond in 2016.

Listen to the new single “DHL

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