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What is Extraordinary Love and How Do You Find It?

Do you long for a love so deep and enduring that it transcends life’s day-to-day pressures and limitations? One that lifts you to a place where you feel truly connected with your partner and fully nourished by your relationship?

It is possible — more so than most people think.

Grabbing Lightning: The Messy Quest for an Extraordinary Love, is a heart-stopping story of how such a relationship was born. But true to life, even the most extraordinary love is not all about bliss. As the book shows, it’s also messy—as it often has been for the authors, Paige and Don Marrs. 

Before meeting Paige, Don had a major epiphany that thrust him into an undeniable experience of transcendent love that replaced all his beliefs about how life worked—upending him completely. In the afterglow of this pivotal experience, he vowed to let his new perceptions about the transcendent nature of love guide even his most practical choices going forward. 

The ensuing quest to align his career and relationship with his newly heightened inner life was rife with missteps and upheaval. And when Don and Paige met, neither was searching for or in a position to accommodate a new relationship… 

Through an engaging and deeply personal narrative, Grabbing Lightning brings readers along on this messy journey toward true love. Alive with a cast of colorful L.A. friends and loved ones, it presents a fascinating look at how Don develops his second career providing his Fortune 500 marketing expertise to small, values-driven businesses: the coveted antithesis of his previous role representing mega corporations as a Chicago advertising exec. All the while, the book gently nudges readers toward an awareness of what transcendent love implies and how extraordinary and boundless love can truly be.

Other topics the authors can address include:

  • How to approach making your relationship as vibrant as your inner life.
  • Is fear unwittingly sabotaging your relationship?
  • Do your relationship challenges mean you’re a mismatch, or can it be improved through more insightful communication?
  • Understanding what’s behind those subtle jabs you and your partner exchange.
  • How to build a successful career, and life, that’s aligned with your soul.
  • What to do when your life is nudging you, or maybe forcing you, into a midlife, mid-career reset
  • Learning to trust the wisdom of your unique inner guidance system amid the noise of a chaotic world.
  • How to maintain the magic of extraordinary love over time.

In the Foreword, author, psychotherapist and former Trappist Monk James Finley, PhD, offers the metaphor of lightning striking the soul at every moment in subtle ways—like an electric current that keeps the heart open, renewing awareness over and over.  The journey recounted in Grabbing Lightning is about creating the conditions in which this deeper source of love becomes your everyday experience.

About the Authors

Donald Marrs, co-founder of Marrs-Group Consulting & Coaching, spent several decades as a high-powered advertising executive before deciding he no longer wished to create ads for Kellogg’s pre-sweetened cereals that he wouldn’t let his kids eat or work on Philip Morris cigarette campaigns while trying to quit smoking. After leaving to search for work that felt more meaningful and aligned with his ethics, Don ultimately started his own marketing and advertising agency, Marketing Partners, Inc., LA, to work with values-focused clients.

Paige Marrs, PhD, president of Marrs-Group Consulting & Coaching, is a specialist in all areas in which smart communication and good relationships matter.  She combines her unique blend of two evidence-based disciplines — Dr. Dan Siegel’s dynamic new field of interpersonal neurobiology and Dr. Barnett Pearce’s cutting-edge communication theory (CMM) — with decades of consulting and coaching experience and personal spiritual practice. She is the author of the chapter “Taming the Lizard: Transforming Conversations-Gone-Bad at Work,” in a textbook on the theory and practice of CMM (Coordinated Management of Meaning).  

Happily married for over 30 years, Paige and Don Marrs have also worked together since the day they joined their lives. They have co-authored two how-to memoirs, both of which teach through story: Grabbing Lightning, and Executive in Passage: When Life Lets You Know It’s Time to Change, Let that Knowing Lead You. For the past decade they have offered their relationship program, The Love Conversation®, which teaches core principles and methods for making the quest for love less messy and has helped countless individuals create extraordinary love in their most cherished relationships.

Title: Grabbing Lightning: The Messy Quest for an Extraordinary Love

Author: Donald Marrs and Paige Marrs, PhD

Print: $16.00

Publisher: Barrington Sky Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 092588703X

ISBN-13: 978-0925887030

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