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New Book Provides an Easy and Delicious 10-Day Detox Program Using Plant-Based Recipes

Balancing our lives can be challenging.  We want more energy, but we are tired of all the latest trendy and fad diets.  Detoxification means ensuring your entire body is functioning at an optimal, balance level.  When our bodies are in balance, we feel energized and refreshed.

Award-winning market researcher, health coach and certified yoga instructor Dena Dodd Perry has released her first book DETOXELICIOUS: EASY SOUL FOOD INSPIRED 10-DAY DETOX CLEANSE RECIPES AND FITNESS FOR SUPER BUSY PEOPLE, a self-help food-fitness book that will assist readers make their food-fitness journey easier and delicious.  In addition to plant-based recipes, DETOXELICIOUS provides readers with daily mindfulness exercises such as yoga movements and breath work.

With the aim to make every reader healthy inside and out, DETOXELICIOUS recipes were developed to give the kidney and liver a 10-day break from complex proteins and processed sugary foods. Supplements supported by healthcare professionals are also added in order to reach desired health goals effectively with renewed energy levels. Moreover, the book highlights the importance of yoga fitness (to aid the body’s natural detoxification) and mindfulness (to remain mentally inspired throughout the detox journey).

The 10-day detox plan in Perry’s book is based on her own health story having suffered the effects of pneumonia as a young child and the complications she experienced from having to live on a battery of antibiotics for a long period of time.

“I was on a mission to restore balance for my own gut and cardiovascular health. I decided to start by taking the ‘old school’ cayenne pepper and lemon water cleanse, then I proceeded to drink cold pressed juice cleanses once a year beginning in 2012. Then, I finally found a 10-day detox supplement plan in 2014 that I loved,” Perry explains.  “My detox approach was to cross reference plant-based super foods with soul food that I loved to eat as a child. I especially loved eating my Grandmother’s collard greens from Selma, Alabama. I incorporated those favorite recipes into this program.”

DETOXELICIOUS is a detox 101 resource book that is supported by healthcare professionals, promotes healthy living and healthier food and designed to be dairy-free, sugar-free, grain-free, meat-free and carb-free. Recipes include: Berry Strawberry Smoothie, Gentle Lentil Vegetable Soup, Beyond Cheeseburga! Cheeseburga!, Vegan Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Hot Buffalo Cauliflower, Hip-Hoppin’ John Black-Eyed Peas, African Fire Vegetarian Chili.

“Anyone can decide to make better lifestyle changes. Making better choices with your food-fitness routine is the best way to start. It starts with the premise of giving your heart, liver and kidneys a break from complex animal proteins, fats and processed foods. Go with a fiber-rich plant-based diet for only 10 days. It’s not a lot to ask in a year which is comprised of 365 days,” Perry stresses.

For every copy of DETOXELICIOUS sold, proceeds will go to local children’s charities.

Author Dena Dodd Perry is an award-winning market researcher with over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry. DETOXELICIOUS is her first food-fitness book. She is a “momprenuer” and a certified yoga teacher. She received her 200 CYT training in Hot Power Yoga. In addition, Perry expanded her yoga teacher education with her 300 CYT training in all major aspects of yoga including restorative yoga, pranayama breathing exercises, gentle flow yoga, chair yoga, detox yoga, pregnancy yoga and many other styles. She received her specialized mantra meditation training from the Deepak Chopra Center in San Diego. Perry also has over 25 years of experience in statistical methods as an industrial engineer, with over combined 10 years of Pilates and yoga experience as both student and teacher. She teaches corporate yoga classes on a weekly basis as an employee of Active Wellness based in Sausalito, California. She is the founder of Yogashero and the Pop.N.Go Rain Scarf brands which has been featured in many publications including Beauty Business, Women’s Health, All You, Real Simple and Instyle, among others. To learn more about Dena Dodd Perry, visit her website,

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