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Study: Rideshare Drivers Are Checking Social Media While Behind the Wheel, the leading online driving school, has released the results of its first annual Reckless Ridesharing Report. The report examines negative experiences of U.S. rideshare passengers—covering behind-the-wheel behaviors from texting to drinking to road rage and beyond.

“While there are tremendous benefits and conveniences to using rideshare services, there is no getting around the fact that some drivers are engaging in extremely dangerous or potentially deadly behaviors,” said Laura Adams, senior safety and education analyst at

In a survey of 553 adults across the U.S. who reported that they have ridden in an Uber, Lyft or other rideshare service in the past 12 months, the study found: 

·         RECKLESS DRIVING: 35% say they have felt their rideshare driver was driving recklessly.

·         TEXTING: 29% say they have seen the driver reading or sending texts on their phone.

·         SOCIAL MEDIA: 16% say they have seen the driver checking social media on their phone.

·         ROAD RAGE: 15% say they have had a driver who got road rage.

·         INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: 13% say they have had a driver who spoke or acted inappropriately.

·         IMPAIRED DRIVING: 12% say they have suspected the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

·         VIDEO WATCHING: 8% say they have seen the driver watching a video on their phone.

“If you are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle and feel unsafe, say something to the driver. If the problem persists, end your ride and report the driver to their respective company. In an urgent or critical situation, contact the authorities,” said Adams. 

This report is a follow-up to’s 2019 Holiday Drinking and Impaired Driving Report, released in December, which found that 66% of Americans say they feel less safe on the roads around the holiday season.

The full 2020 Reckless Ridesharing Report—which includes additional analysis and insights, as well as safety tips for rideshare passengers—is available at

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