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Coronavirus & Coping: A Message from Our Publisher

How do we deal with our mental health and wellness during this challenging time? As a psychotherapist, I have provided below a few tips to remember to keep your mind active, your anxiety levels low and beware of when it is time to take further action and reach out for professional help. If you or a friend or loved one is in need of my services, inbox me. I will always answer by phone, Face time or skype. Have a blessed day and know that ‘this too shall pass.’ BlessingsKeep your daily routines outside (away from home) with caution of course.
If your morning routine is to drive to Dunkin or Starbucks, keep your routine and pickup coffee and leave.
Get dressed every day. Do not stay in your PJ’s all day. Do your hair, makeup and pampering/grooming routines.
Keep moving either inside with an online or TV video and venture outdoors for a walk in the sunshine and brisk air.
Try something new like watching the Cooking Channel and preparing special treats.
Avoid news bingeing. Stay aware of the current news, but limit your daily consumption.
Make plans. Plan the night’s dinner. Plan your day using a checklist or to do list.
Communicate. Call friends and family instead of texting. But, maybe send a text ahead notifying that you’re just calling to say ‘hi’ and check in so as not to alarm the recipient.
Avoid panic and assuming or being affected by the behaviors of those around you who are binge buying toilet paper, etc.
Assume a stance from wherever you draw strength and encouragement – prayer, meditation, chanting, etc.
As in times when we have been surrounded by uncertainty, fear or crisis – see the light at the end of the tunnel. Know that ‘this too shall pass. ‘ This situation is temporary. But, if the unfortunate should happen and I contact the virus. I will respond accordingly and have family or friends and my medical resources to get me through. And remember that we have thousands that have contacted the virus and they have survived.
When my clients come to me in crisis, we talk about the worst case scenarios. Together we build a plan for that scenario and discuss how we would feel. Most importantly we talk about how we would deal. And every time this exercise forces them to face their fear, but also process that in spite of the crisis, we will not only survive but we will thrive.
We will be fine.

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New York Trend is a weekly news publication that focuses on issues and lifestyles of the African & Caribbean American communities throughout the New York metropolitan area and Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island. It is a respected and well recognized news publication that has been in existence since 1989. Owner, Publisher and Executive Director, Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams has been at the helm of this award-winning publication since its inception. New York Trend continues to be the only black woman-owned, metropolitan newspaper in New York and Long island. New York Trend is the largest black-owned newspaper throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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