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Travel Far Away To A Different Time: “Fables & Fairy Tales of Cape Verde” Book Review

Looking for a good read while you are in self-quarantine? Try traveling into a magical past, to a magical place. 

“Fables & Fairy Tales of Cape Verde” by R.I.J. Roulhac will let you do just that. Using actual historical archives and cultural Cape Verdean folklore, Roulhac weaves mesmerizing stories filled with prates, lost treasures, and much more while addressing such issues and racism, environmentalism, socialism, and colonialism. 

“Fables & Fairy Tales of Cape Verde” will take you on a fascinating journey through three stories. Take the tale of “Pirata di Praia,” which talks of pirates and treasures. All the fables are peppered with Cape Verdean jargon, giving them just the right flavor.

And for those who don’t know, Cape Verde is an African island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean.

Roulhac independently published the book, which is available on Amazon and other bookselling sites. 

Roulhac is Cape Verdean American, and is the founder and director of The Cape Verdean American Film Festival (CVAFF).

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