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Female Entrepreneur Ming.Leone Giving Back

Serial entrepreneur, philanthropist & Philadelphia native, Ming.Leone is ambitious, determined and successful because of her unmatched giving heart, authentic personality and generosity. 

Her strategy is simple, refined ; and most importantly heartfelt. Ming.Leone has been giving back and orchestrating various charity efforts for the less fortunate for over five years and counting. 

In 2019 Ming.Leone teamed up with the Philadelphia 76ers for a turkey drive, Leone has also been noted for  other seemless charitable efforts including annual book bag & bundle hair drives, all expense paid international business development trips to Guangzhou China ; where she hand picks two budding business owners, and allow them to accompany her on a business and branding educational adventure; while  also providing them with her exclusive beauty /hair wholesaler vendor contacts.

Outside of her widespread year round dole efforts, Ming.Leone also provides women who wish to get into the beauty and hair business with wholesale prices and other helpful infrastructure tips.

Ming.Leone’s is also the founder of ‘The Luxury Foundation’ which is an international ‘hub’  for women to conduct mental health check-ins, share useful resources, and develop healthy relationships with positive support systems. 

The Luxury Foundation is equipped with a mental health therapist active at each workshop to talk to anyone who needs to let out any personal feelings. Additional activities will consist of museum trips, yoga classes, self-care beauty sessions, vision board parties, painting classes, and road trips that provide exposure to inspiring realities for young women.

“The Luxury Foundation is an extension of my empire, my foundation is established on humility, transparency and pushing each other to the best version of themselves.” states Ming.Leone.

Future plans for the thriving female business tycoon include more international charity efforts, collaboration with other organizations, the launch of her CBD line and other products that are useful for anxiety, wellness and achieving a healthier ‘mental health’ state. 

” Overcoming mental health issues, or adding provisions to your life is never easy for anyone, I want my brand to represent a safe place for anyone who needs that extra push to get through the day.”

Ming.Leone has been noted as “ones to watch in 2020” as it relates to business and giving back; Ming was also recently honored at City Hall for her regional community efforts within Pennsylvania. 

Ming.Leone is a world-class lifestyle and luxury brand that will continue to progress on global expansion into the beauty, business and mental health industry helping women one by one in non conventional ways. 

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