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Virtual Dental Service Offering Free Chats with Dentists During COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected many industries, where mandatory closures and strict policies are in place to adhere to safety precautions. Dental offices are no exception, with many dentists having to stop offering medical services aside from emergency dentistry. This is a critical step in protecting patients and healthcare workers, but where does that leave patients who still need dental care? Even if their concerns or ongoing procedures may not be urgent, these patients still need assessment and medical attention. and DentalChat App, help people in their time of dental need – for free.   During this coronavirus era, people can Dental Chat with dentists for FREE.

Recent DentalChat endorsement by the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) noted:

“With COVID-19 causing great disruption to the dental profession, PDA has been researching teledentistry options for PDA members. The company we think will meet the needs of members is DentalChat. Over the past 10 years, DentalChat’s team has built a suite of services that provide multiple ways to connect dentists to people seeking help.”

The American Dental Association shows that dental ER visits doubled from 1.1 million in 2000 to 2.2 million in 2012, or one visit every 15 seconds. Dentists and the ADA have stated that, even under the current circumstances, the problem persists. Fortunately, DentalChat offers a solution to reducing the number of people who go to ER with tooth-related issues, relieving some strain off of the medical system. DentalChat provides answers, consults, and referrals to patients through online services.

The company’s mission is to help people with their dental care problems, gain better dental information online  and to find people dentists locally, when needed. DentalChat answers dental questions primarily for people in the USA, as well as people globally. Although DentalChat’s services have proved useful in the past, the company has never been more essential than it has with the current pandemic.

DentalChat has adjusted their business practices to take services to the next level during COVID-19. Over 145,000 monthly visitors use DentalChat for answers to their dental questions, who strives to help people as much as they can virtually. DentalChat offers solutions for their patients for free from licensed dentists via the Smart Chatbot, an AI chat service that allows website visitors to ask questions and receive answers securely from professional dentists.

To offer a higher level of service, DentalChat provides FREE Dental Chat messaging with dentists and virtual consults through a secure video room.  Connecting patients with dentists for live-video consultations at affordable rates. The company can refer visitors to local dentists; in this case, advising a patient when it is necessary to see a dentist under emergency circumstances and locating a local practice. DentalChat offers referrals to over 145,000 website visitors every month to help find the right dentist.

Dr. Greg Grillo, VP of Business Development, says “Our mission is to help people with their dental care.” He adds, “During COVID-19, demand has exploded. Building on our strong history, we’re engaging consumers through chat messaging, video consults, referrals to dentists, articles, and more.”

Visit  for a free dental consultation online and for more solutions to your dental needs.


DentalChat offers a comprehensive communication platform that connects patients and dentists across the globe. Based in Orange County, CA DentalChat was founded over a decade ago by Dr S Said, a dentist who specializes in technology. The service has proven invaluable to thousands of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


“Really fast reply and I was told what was wrong which is what I wanted to know. Thank you for the fast reply and for the help! I really appreciate it.” – Ana A.

“I needed someone to talk to and it was good and grateful so it’s a big thank you.” – Tosha H.

“Not much to say besides great, dentist gave me clarity and everything went smoothly.” – Isaac C.

“I had some questions that were answered 100% and explained everything to me thank you so much for your help.” – Christine

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