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Black Entrepreneur Launches ZabicoLife Brand, Transforming the Luxury Herbal Tea Experience

Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne said his lifelong love and knowledge of herbs, herbalism, natural eating, and healthy living inspired him to launch his tea company ZABICOLife, a curious brand identity that stems from the French Creole word for apricot. He said the premier brand of luxury tisanes (herbal teas) is taking off nationally and fulfilling its mission to provide sublime enjoyment and foster vibrant health.

“When I was growing up, my mother, a traditional herbalist, told me that the zabico tree traditionally represents, life, resilience, and long-lasting strength,” Etienne said. “I personally designed my products to help people enjoy the extraordinary benefits of fine organic herbal tisanes and herbal remedies and assist the proven ability of the body to maintain its health and heal itself with adequate nutrition, emotional balance, spiritual focus, and mental clarity.”

To achieve his dream, Etienne moved to the United States and founded ZABICOLife, which offers a wide variety of products ranging from wellness tisanes to 14-day detox brews. He said consumers should know that there is a clear difference between commonly known teas and high-quality tisanes.

“All teas come from the camellia sinensis plant,” he said. “All other beverages most people consider teas are more properly called tisanes. A tisane is an infusion of herbs, flowers, barks, leaves, roots, spices, and fruit.”

Etienne said while caffeine is a natural characteristic of the camellia sinensis plant, tisanes are typically caffeine-free. 

“To create my tisanes, I use only hand-selected organic leaves, flowers, fruits, barks, and the roots of various herbs. It is this extraordinarily demanding approach that distinguishes every tisane I allow to bear the name of my company, ZABICOLife.”

The brand has developed an avid following among tea lovers and celebrity lifestyle influencers. 

“As a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, myself, Zabicolife’s teas and tisanes are among the best I’ve ever had,” added actor/comedian Cocoa Brown. A

Etienne had the good fortune to grow up on an organic farm on Dominica, “the nature island of the Caribbean,” which is home to the largest number of centenarians per capita of any nation – and three times as many as Britain or the United States, according to The longevity of the population is largely attributable to diet, which consists of an abundance of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

Etienne spent his youth on his family’s farm amid an abundance of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and animals. His mother is an expert herbalist, so his education in herbal teas and remedies began very early in life. 

Over the years, Etienne developed a deep passion for helping people live in natural and healthy ways. After seeing the improvements, his own herbal tisanes and herbal detoxes made in the lives of his family and friends, he decided to help as many people as he can enjoy them and their exceptionally healthy benefits.

To learn more about ZABICOLife and order products online please visit Currently, the company is offering free shipping on all orders over $45. Please follow ZABICOLife on social media at @ZABICOLife. 

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