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The Talk About Race That Doesn’t Happen

As longstanding racial disparities and injustices are exposed by the double crises sweeping the nation — COVID-19 and the civil rights movement sparked by the police killing of George Floyd — one man is aiming to help Americans learn how to discuss race. Michael Sidney Fosberg, details his own experiences with race and hidden identity, and how those experiences led to his mission to start real dialogue on the issues, in his book Nobody Wants to Talk About It: Race, Identity, and the Difficulties in Forging Meaningful Conversations, out this summer.

Raised in the Midwest by his White mother and stepfather, in his 30s Fosberg embarked on a quest to find his biological father. During their first phone conversation, his dad revealed a secret that had been kept hidden from Fosberg his entire life: his father was African American. The discovery of this new heritage forever altered his trajectory. A trained actor, he developed a one-man show, Incognito — and the 2011 companion memoir, Incognito: An American Odyssey of Race and Self-Discovery — to share his story, and the lessons he learned as he went from life as a White man to one as biracial. Foreword said of his debut book, “Fosberg’s honest portrayal of finding what race means to him opens the door for everyone in our society to examine the same questions for themselves.”

Author: Michael Sidney Fosberg

For 15 years, Fosberg has taken his one-man show, and the frank, post-show dialogues about race and identity that follow it, to theaters, schools, universities, government agencies and corporations across the country. Now he offers help to a turbulent nation in dire need of proven strategies for navigating honest conversations on racism in Nobody Wants to Talk About It: Race, Identity, and the Difficulties in Forging Meaningful Conversations, an insightful look at his experiences presenting Incognito. The book covers topics ranging from overt racism and unconscious bias, to stereotypes and White privilege, as well as the historical and modern interplay between race and politics. Nobody Wants to Talk About It provides readers of all backgrounds with seven helpful tools and topic questions to facilitate important conversations on race and identity in a country crying out for change.

“At this moment in our nation’s history we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak with brutal honesty about how race affects experience in America,” said Fosberg. “With this book I aim to help people learn about our commonalities while facing the reality that the skin one lives in often determines the course of one’s life, and to learn ways we can begin to discuss our history in order to shape a better future.”

Nobody Wants to Talk About It will be released in print on July 6. Pre-orders can be placed by visiting For more information, contact Fosberg at or on LinkedIn.

Nobody Wants to Talk About It: Race, Identity, and the Difficulties in Forging Meaningful Conversations 
Human Resources and Personnel Management / $22.50 / 169 pages 
ISBN: 978-0-578-66287-9 
Publication Date: July 6, 2020 
Paperback / Digital 
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