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New Book Helps Us Understand Our Life Patterns and Navigate Through Obstacles and Conflict

Conflict is ever present in our lives. From the socio-economic issues we were born into, to current health and social issues in the news, conflict is a common denominator and how we handle conflict can determine the outcome of our lives. 

In Break the Curse, author, entrepreneur, and professor, Steve Kelley, shares how to beat the odds and achieve extraordinary success. From a worldwide pandemic and protests in the streets, to long-ingrained beliefs from childhood, Break the Curse will help us handle the situations and conflicts in our daily lives in a positive and productive way.

Kelley believes successful people embrace conflict because they know that conflict, if handled well, produces great results and often offers the opportunity for self-improvement.  “Each time we de-escalate conflict, halt or shorten needless arguments, we maintain our dignity, save precious time, and find hope,” Steve says.  “Conflict is a golden opportunity to take responsibility for our actions and recognize the part we played in the situation.”

Readers of Break the Curse will be captivated as Kelley poignantly tells real-life stories that will inspire and compel us toward success. Steve packs 45 years of business experience and a 20-year college teaching career into this timeless personal growth book that readers will continue to return to again and again.  From overcoming a childhood filled with anger and conflict, having his home burn down, to recovering from Cancer, Steve shares what he learned overcoming each obstacle with readers.

Based on his challenges, Steve developed 10 steps that serve as a template for change and help guide readers through life’s challenges.  Break the Curse will inspire and compel all of us to move forward and re-start our lives by following his easy-to-understand steps outlined in chapter such as:

• Think Like A Genius
• Set Powerful Goals and Keep Them
• Find Mentors
• Take Care of Your Body
• Embrace Conflict
• Resist Temptations
• Build Karma
• Find Your Fit

“Break the Curse is all about seeing our blind spots,” Steve explains.  “I define blind spots as the absence of knowledge, of what we are lacking.  I want to shine a light on the blind spots in our lives and give you ways to navigate the roadblocks we put up.”

Break the Curse provides the tools for all of us to develop the determination to achieve the life we want and to feel happy and fulfilled.  Steve’s inspirational success story and cancer recovery inspires all of us to have the confidence to fight our own demons. With Break the Curse we can see our hardships in one place only – the rear-view mirror.

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