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New York Ranks Fourth in the Nation with $7.6 Million Lost Per Day of Casino Closures

Casinos and gambling form the backbone of many countries and cities around the world, and often pay huge contributions in taxes towards state services. As coronavirus spreads rapidly, devastating economies and communities, against all odds, casinos face prolonged periods of closure. This study aims to uncover the destinations around the world that lose the most amount of money per day of casino closures. 

The study ranks the 24 states in the United States with the highest revenue from casinos, including Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It then divided these figures by 365 (the number of days per year) to uncover how much casinos lose per day of closure and to indicate the scale of loss caused by coronavirus. The findings are part of a larger study into the 58 destinations worldwide that lose the most amount of money per day of casino closures, the full results of which can be found here.

The final numbers highlight the devastating scale of the financial loss and the long-term impacts for countries and states dependent on this source of revenue. While Nevada, home to Las Vegas, unsurprisingly tops the ranking with the most revenue lost per day of closure, New York also lost $7.6 million for every day of casino closures. Unsurprisingly, as a result of lockdown, the gambling industry worldwide has seen a huge shift towards online alternatives in 2020, which are expected to boom in popularity as the year unfolds. 

“The last year has demonstrated that online gambling offers a safer and more accessible alternativeto casinos, allowing people to play from the comfort of their own homes. While nothing can replace the unique thrill of Las Vegas or Macau, it’s exciting to see how the industry is adapting to digitisationand the opportunities provided by increased connectivity at all corners of the planet. As online gambling flourishes, we urge players to better inform themselves and place their bets on the safest and most reliable platforms” says Aiden Howe, Author and Chief Editor at

Table 1: Top 10 gambling destinations in the US that lost the most gambling revenue

Lost DAILY due
to Closures
Numbers of CasinosFull-Time Employees
2New Jersey9.62339,000
4New York7.62217,300

Please note: The above table is an extraction from the full ranking that includes all 24 gambling destinations as well as the worldwide ranking can be found here.

Further findings:

  • Across the 24 states included in the study, gambling revenues lost for every day of casino closures amount to over $123 million, compared to $27 million in Europe.
  • Not surprisingly, Nevada ranks 1st with a staggering 33 million lost in casino closures per day. Nevada casinos employ more than 400,000 people.
  • New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Jersey all rank in the study with a combined loss of $28.5 million in revenue per day of casino closures.
  • Pennsylvania ranks third, ahead of New York, with $9.4 million lost in casino closures per day. 
  • Florida ranks 30th, with $1.6 million lost per day of casino closures, far less than Mississippi, which loses $6 million per day.
  • Missouri loses more than three times the revenue of Kansas per day of casino closures. 
  • Even though Maine only has 4 casinos, it still ranks 13th out of 24 states in the US. 
  • New MexicoOklahoma and South Dakota have the lowest loss of revenue per day of casino closures, with a combined total of $1.4 million

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