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Writer and Comedian Perry Strong’s Black Sci-Fi COVID Comedy “180 Seconds”

Actor, Director, Writer, and Comedian  Perry Strong  released his new project Friday.  180 Seconds   is a Black Sci-Fi COVID Comedy that follows a man on a narcissistic mission to travel six months into the past to warn himself not to get fat during the pandemic shutdown. It ends up becoming something much more substantial. 

“As a director, actor, and a stand-up comedian equally, my goal will always be to entertain. With this film, I wanted to express my feelings about all that has taken place since the beginning of the year (the Pandemic, George Floyd, the presidency, and the financial Stimulus) without losing that entertaining spirit. Being a Black man in America, the events of 2020 have brought me to a breaking point many many times. I needed to create something that commented on what I have been seeing and how it makes me feel. It’s not good, but it is a shared experience. Regardless of color, gender, race, or class, I think everyone will identify with at least one thing that is said in this piece. Or they’re lying.”   –Writer/performer of 180 Seconds Perry Strong 

With separate departments of the production team located across the country, Strong and his team designed the lighting setups and camera shots online. After he hit record, he performed both of the film’s roles in an empty room in NYC. He sent the footage to his editor in Atlanta. A few weeks later they had  180 Seconds.

After watching it,  Leslie Jones  (Saturday Night Live) shared it on both Instagram and Twitter, saying “Yo!! This is so funny it’s comforting lol.” Her post went on to get over 110,000 and 30,000 views in the next 48 hours. In addition, a large portion of the New York City comedy community has been re-posting and supporting it in full force.  The words most often used in reference are genius, brilliant, best summary of 2020, and best comedy sketch of the year. Traffic has now started to move over to Perry’s social media.

Strong has worked as a Camera Assistant and Operator since shortly after he graduated from Hampshire College in 2001. He dabbled in acting, but it was only when he linked up with his manager Abby Finer three years ago that he began taking it seriously. He has since booked 10 speaking roles on television. Perry earned parts in episodes of  Hightown  (STARZ) and  Hunters  (Amazon Prime). He also guest-starred as Omari Hardwick’s attorney on the Starz show  Power . Additionally, he has had guest roles on Marvels  Daredevil  and on  Law and Order: SVU.

As a Comedian, Strong was featured as a prankster on the hit MTV show  Ladylike.  He was additionally featured giving commentary on VH1’s  100 Greatest Women In Music,  as well as the networks  100 Sexiest Music Artists.  

Perry is currently directing the web series, Two Guys  On A Bench  with Comedian/Actor Greer Barnes

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