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One Warrior Takes Her Rest

Thank you Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and may you rest in peace.

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Today, September 25th, 2020,  as I viewed the ceremony to bring  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s casket into the U.S. Capitol as the first woman to lie in state, tears welled up in my eyes for so many reasons. Justice Ginsburg is a true icon who history will record as one of the greatest fighters for equal opportunity, equal access, women’s rights and human rights. 

My tears streamed down my face for so many reasons that are personal to me, but I share one reason with you. As a black woman, an entrepreneur, a professional woman, an outspoken woman, a woman of faith, a mother, a daughter, granddaughter, sister of decades of fighters, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a hand in who I am and who I am able to be today.

Justice Ginsburg created a space for me to step into – where men had singularly reigned as a newspaper owner. Justice Ginsburg was vocal and loud in speaking her mind with fearless power and no signs of retreating. I think of all of the times that I was forced out of meetings and gatherings attended by ‘old boys’ and their sexist rules. Now four decades later, I am still here standing proudly as one of the few women who own media properties in this country because of the battles Justice Ginsburg fought to break down the doors of sexism and discrimination.

Justice Ginsburg created a space for me to step into – where men had singularly reigned as a newspaper owner.

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No matter your political affiliation, every woman should hold up Justice Ginsburg as a role model, template, example of what every little girl, every teenager, adolescent  girl, aspiring young woman as what determination, an overcomer of discrimination and a true freedom fighter looks like.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg now lays at rest, sword down, warrior paint on her face removed, shield undone as she lay in state. But what still remains even in death, is the crown upon her head that is well deserved as a true woman of justice – for all.

Thank you Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and may you rest in peace.

By Dr. Teresa Katherine Taylor Williams: Sole Owner & Publisher, Executive Editor, New York Trend -since 1989

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New York Trend is a weekly news publication that focuses on issues and lifestyles of the African & Caribbean American communities throughout the New York metropolitan area and Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island. It is a respected and well recognized news publication that has been in existence since 1989. Owner, Publisher and Executive Director, Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams has been at the helm of this award-winning publication since its inception. New York Trend continues to be the only black woman-owned, metropolitan newspaper in New York and Long island. New York Trend is the largest black-owned newspaper throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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