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Social-Emotional Skills: Workshops & Assembly Programs available for Grades K-12


New York-based personal development training company Poetic Motivations LLC, is now offering social-emotional skills virtual workshops and assembly programs for grades K-12. Our students need social-emotional skills now more than any other time in our history.

For that reason, Poetic Motivations is offering (virtual) workshops and assembly programs for grades K-12. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in bringing this program to your school. You may also share our program with your principal, counselor or teacher. The program combines poetry with the necessary skills your students need for their success. Customizable programs are also available.

Preview the program by clicking on the video above!

Renée McRae is the Founder & Pres. of Poetic Motivations LLC, a personal development training company. Author, Poet, Teaching Artist, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach and most recently, Recording Artist, Renée McRae has enhanced school climates and cultures for over two decades. Students, Teachers and Parents absolutely love her! Using poetry as a springboard, Ms. McRae captivates, mesmerizes and empowers any audience. Through her fun-filled Workshops and Assembly Programs, she specializes in Success Skills.

Ms. McRae has published 22 Books of Student (and Teacher) Poetry with various schools across the country.

To contact Renée McRae’s company Personal Development Training Company Poetic Motivations LLC regarding her company’s social-emotional skills virtual workshops and assembly programs for grades K-12

You may also email: to inquire about bringing Renée McRae Founder & Pres. of Poetic Motivations LLC to your school or organization.

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